Music and Misogyny

This loony-tunes CD is a compilation of ballads and sound bites from a private sound library kept for Dutch pirate radio. Thirty-eight collected wacky songs, samples, out-takes from old ‘B’ movies and assorted madness. Half of the tracks are generally on the subject of SEX, the other half warn, in comic fashion, of the dangers of DRUGS. Everyone will have their favourites, be it ‘The Psychedelic Circus’ or ‘Kinko the Clown.’ Many true words are spoken in jest. The Musigyny CD is the perfect gift for the Black Sheep of any family.

This CD is not suitable for children. It is suitable for DJ’s (particularly popular for use in chill-out rooms), parties, Christmas (‘Santa Doesn’t Cop-Out On Dope’) or to dumbfound your friends at any time!

The Musigyny CD cover


  1. The New Breed
  2. Sugar Daddy
  3. The Disparity in the Sex Ratio
  4. Jail-bait
  5. The Eager Beavers
  6. Kinko the Clown
  7. Woman was Made for Man
  8. Pussy Come Home
  9. Naked Under Leather
  10. Come Off It
  11. Pick-up on 101
  12. A Woman is Not That Thick
  13. Battle of the Amazons
  14. Woman Trouble
  15. Black Pete
  16. All the Girls Like Big Dick
  17. Sweet Suzie
  18. Cannibal Girls
  19. Felix the Organ Donor
  20. The Psychedelic Circus
  21. Hallucination Blues
  22. Teenage Sidekicks
  23. Ship of Pain
  24. Drinking Cough Syrup for a Kick
  25. Santa Doesn’t Cop-out on Dope
  26. Phil Philips Speaks to the Nation
  27. Hillbilly Hippy
  28. Rock-n-Roll Doctor
  29. Adam and Eve
  30. Wild Thing
  31. Invasion of the B-Girls
  32. Disgusting
  33. Lock Me Up
  34. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  35. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
  36. Broken-Hearted
  37. Kissing Between the Toes
  38. Sick

Total running time: approx 61 minutes

Track 28 ‘Rock-n-Roll Doctor’ is by Travesty, Ltd.

Picture of the inside of the Musigyny jewel case

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