Luke O’Farrell earlier today     11th March 2007

Goys in the Attic

Save Abe from the Gentile Clutch!

Under Scottish law there are three possible verdicts at the end of a trial: “Guilty”; “Not guilty”; and “Not proven.” You go to prison only if you’re found guilty. Some people want to introduce a similar system into English law. The three possible verdicts would be: “Guilty”; “Not guilty”; and “Not goyisch.” You’ll go to prison only if you’re found both guilty and goyisch. I mean, is it fair, is it just, is it good in the sight of Heaven that Jews, who have been persecuted and massacred for millions of years by us goyim, should ever have to submit to our so-called laws?

Of course it isn’t. That’s why Israel has no extradition treaty with the United Kingdom or United States. Thanks to this just and reasonable precaution, any poor innocent Jew who’s being persecuted by British or American goys can breathe a sigh of relief as he touches down at Tel Aviv airport, knowing that he’s finally safe, already. So will Michael Abraham Levy, Tony Blair’s hard-working Jewish fundraiser, flee to Israel from persecution for his inconsequential rôle in the so-called “cash for honours” affair? Maybe he will, but in the meantime other Jews are working hard to clear his name. His rabbi, no less, has been all over the media in defense of this pillar of the Jewish community:

Anti-Semitic forces out to get Levy, says rabbi

’Save Abe!’ grins Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet

Lord Levy’s rabbi intervened in the cash-for-honours row again yesterday to attack the “anti-Semitic” forces trying to undermine the Labour peer. Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet said there was a widely held view in his community that Lord Levy was being targeted because he was Jewish. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph he said: “There is a general feeling, and it is increasingly sensitive, that this is all about ‘get the Jew.’ I do not play the anti-Semitic card. But within my immediate community, and the Jewish community generally, they are sensitive to the fact that this is becoming all about one Jew.”

Rabbi Schochet, 41, has run north London’s Mill Hill Synagogue, where Lord Levy regularly attends, for 14 years. A photograph of the rabbi with Tony Blair has pride of place in his cramped office. Lord Levy, the Prime Minister’s personal fundraiser, has used his famous business acumen to raise more than £1.5 million [$2.85m] for the synagogue redevelopment fund. “I have known Lord Levy for the 14 years I have been at the synagogue. He has never said to me that he thinks what is going on is anti-Semitic. We have 1,400 families at the synagogue. That is the view of many of them,” the rabbi said. Lord Levy was thrust into the centre of the cash-for-honours investigation this week when it emerged police were studying a memo from Ruth Turner, the director of government relations, about a meeting the two held last summer. In the memo, Miss Turner, 36, disclosed that she believed Lord Levy’s recollection of events was “untrue.” (The Daily Telegraph, 9th March 2007)

Can you believe the arrogance of that Ruth Turner? This dumb shiksa obviously doesn’t grasp the correct meaning of “true” and “untrue.” “True” means “Vot’s good for Jews”; “untrue” means “Vot’s bad for Jews.” Lord Levy was described by the Jerusalem Post as “undoubtedly the notional head of British Jewry.” Can’t the goyim get it through their thick skulls that their laws don’t apply to him? Can’t they understand that he should be able to do whatever he likes to advance Jewish interests? Lying; cheating; conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – those are goyisch concepts. Goyisch concepts, d’ya hear? They. Don’t. Apply. To. Jews. Got it?

Sadly, far too many goys don’t get it. So Jews have tried to appeal to their respect for that which should be highest and holiest in everyone’s life. Money, in other words:

Ministers have voiced alarm at signs that Lord Levy feels he is being victimised and that leaks in recent days have been designed to manipulate the police inquiry against him. “If Michael were to feel that Tony has left him to swing over this one he would be a very dangerous animal. There might be an implosion.” The Times was told last night that the senior party hierarchy had been made aware of fury in the Jewish community at the treatment of Lord Levy “after all that he has done for the party.” A senior Labour figure said: “These are very significant people who make a very significant contribution to the party.” He added: “And their support is transferable. [The Conservative leader] David Cameron is making a substantial effort to lobby this community.” (The Times, 8th March 2007)

Cameron is indeed “making a substantial effort.” It’s a paradox of political life in the West that Jews, although a tiny, powerless and ever-persecuted minority, attract a great deal of attention from goys who want to make it to the top. As though Jews have any say in that! No, what the goys are after is the money that Jews, despite all their powerlessness, despite all the persecution they suffer, somehow manage to make. And Jews who give money to a goy politician, although they gain no power or influence by it, do find it a little easier to scrape more money together by sheer hard, honest graft. It’s Heaven’s reward for their generosity – what else could it be?

But Jews can’t trust those goy politicians and they’ve always got to be ready to come out fighting in defense of their own:

The fightback by Lord Levy’s friends continued yesterday with the Jewish Board of Deputies joining the growing clamour that the Labour peer was being undermined in the cash-for-honours affair by anti-Semitic forces. The editor of the Jewish Chronicle, which has devoted four pages to Tony Blair’s personal fund-raiser, joined in by accusing unnamed figures in Downing Street of being happy to see the deliberate scapegoating of the “Jewish money man.” The carefully choreographed offensive came at the end of another remarkable week in the 11-month police inquiry. An emotional Lord Levy, who has been arrested twice but not charged, issued a statement condemning a series of leaks about the investigation and objecting to trial by media.

Lawyer Henry Grunwald, president of the Jewish Board of Deputies

“He didn’t do nussink! Und anyvay, he’s Jewish!”
Henry Grunwald, head of the Board of Deputies

Yesterday, some of his friends privately questioned the wisdom of the anti-Semitic issue being raised to try to win him support. But even as they denied that Lord Levy was behind it, a spokesman for the Jewish Board of Deputies told The Daily Telegraph that there was concern at the portrayal of the peer in certain sections of the media. The spokesman said: “It is the rich Jew. It is the moneybags thing. Those are historical stereotypes of Jewish people which we must be careful to avoid. There are some occasions where the criticism of Michael Levy has gone beyond discussions of whether or not there has been malfeasance. There have been some distinct character resonances.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet again

“He didn’t do nussink! Und anyvay, he’s Jewish!”
Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet hard at work again

Lord Levy has friends in high places and they decided that, in the absence of any public backing from Mr Blair, they should speak out. Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, who runs Lord Levy’s synagogue in north London, disclosed that Sir Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, was an admirer. “The Chief Rabbi told me personally that Michael Levy is the most dynamic Jew in Anglo-Jewry,” he said. He also has many friends in the City [London’s financial district], where he has been able to raise millions of pounds for Mr Blair’s Labour Party. [The Jewish businessman] Sir Alan Sugar said that people had taken against the peer “simply because of the way he talks, the way he looks or something like that. A lot of people don’t like me, they don’t like my abrasive mannerisms and that’s why people don’t like Levy: because of his ways. To me, it’s looking as if he has been set up as the bad guy. This is a man who has got blind devotion – I don’t know why – for Tony Blair and has gone out and blagged people for money for the party. That is his worst crime.”

’Sir’ Alan Sugar, big donor to New Labour

“He didn’t do nussink! Und anyvay, he’s Jewish!”
Abrasive Sir Al sticks up for his pal Lord Levy

Sir Alan, who has donated more than £200,000 [$380,000] to the Labour Party, said: “I have a lot of respect for Blair: he has been a great prime minister and he is a decent man. He will go down in my estimation here if he allows this nonsense to continue.” (The Daily Telegraph, 10/03/2007)

And if Blair goes down in “abrasive” Al’s estimation, guess what happens to the Labour party’s chances of a further donation from Al? The clear and simple message Levy’s “friends in high places” are trying to get through thick goyisch skulls is this:

“Mike hasn’t done nothing wrong! Not a solitary thing. But so vot if he has? He’s Jewish and rich, chust like us. Your goyisch rules don’t apply to him or to us, neither. So stop your attempted genocide, already, or ve turn off the cash!”

But this just and reasonable strategy has its dangers. Anti-Semitism, as we all know, is an irrational, baseless mental disease having no connection with the way Jews actually behave. Even the best of goyim (which isn’t saying much) are highly susceptible to it. The danger is that Jewish ethicists like Rabbi Schochet and Sir Alan, simply by sticking up for their unjustly persecuted brother, are raising certain questions in goyisch minds that goys, in their typically irrational, malevolent fashion, will not answer in the correct way. Let me illustrate this danger from the words of another Jewish ethicist, David Rowan, editor of the Jewish Chronicle:

Once again, a Jewish financier is cast as the villain of the piece

Jewish ethicist David Rowan, editor of the Jewish Chronicle

No, of course anti-Semitism is not what is driving the cash-for-honours inquiry. Serious allegations merit thorough police investigation, however awkward that is proving for Lord Levy and the many anxious Jewish charities with which he is associated. But what is disturbing Jewish Chronicle readers is the all-too-familiar role he is being assigned in the swirl of unattributable briefings and nudge-nudge language. How very convenient for No. 10 and its friends in the press if Levy can be scapegoated as the traditional outsider-turned-court-Jew whose casting-out might finally purge the corrupt body politic.

It is a narrative we are all familiar with. Think of Trollope’s Augustus Melmotte in The Way We Live Now, the vulgar foreigner whispered to be a Jew, “worshipped” by the Prime Minister until the law caught up with him and the political establishment brutally cast him adrift. More recently, think of those Jewish money men who flew too close to power: outsiders such as Sir Eric Miller, the property developer who helped run Harold Wilson’s private office but who took his own life one Yom Kippur as the Fraud Squad closed in; or the raincoat millionaire Joseph Kagan, ennobled by Wilson but later jailed for financial wrongdoing.

Lord Levy leans over Tony Blair Kike crook ‘Sir’ Ronald Cohen (left) with race-traitor Gordon Brown

Tony Blair and Michael Levy

“Those wielding genuine political power”

Clockwise from top left: Levy dominates Bliar;
Brown sucks up to Cohen; Levy dominates Bliar

So it is of deep concern to the Jewish community – among his friends and detractors alike – that Levy is clearly being lined up as the convenient personification of the financial lust that has so polluted the New Labour project. Yet it is just too neat for those wielding genuine political power to assume their well-practised role of pointing fingers at the upstart Jewish money man. The unashamedly anti-Semitic and conspiratorial rhetoric surrounding him has long been self-evident. Levy was one of Tam Dalyell MP’s “cabal of Jewish advisers” driving foreign policy, whose personal influence on the Prime Minister “led to what I see as this awful war [in Iraq].” Levy, according to David Tredinnick MP, raised cash for Blair on the “tacit understanding that Labour would never again, while Blair was leader, be anti-Israel.” Levy, wrote Richard Ingrams in this very newspaper, is “an active Zionist well known in Israel” whose malign influence has ensured that “this country is so craven in its support of Israel and the United States.” (The Independent, 10 March 2007)

Do you see the danger? By repeating those irrational, baseless goyisch accusations to more goyim, David Rowan risks triggering yet more anti-Semitism in the irrational goyisch mind. By reminding the goyim about past scandals involving Jews, he may cause his goyisch readers to ask why Jews are so often involved in scandals. The true answer – that is, the answer that’s good for Jews – is that they’re being used as scapegoats. But what if goys arrive at the untrue answer – that is, the answer that isn’t good for Jews?

And the untrue answer to that question, the one that conforms to reality rather than to Jewish interests, is that Jews are so often involved in scandals because Jews are exceptionally devious, crooked and power-hungry people. “Lord” Levy was raising money for Blair not out of the goodness of his goy-loving heart, but because it gave him and other Jews control over Blair. He used crooked methods and now that he’s been caught out, the Jews he worked on behalf of are rallying to his defense. That “all-too-familiar” Jewish arrogance and dishonesty is on full display. Just look at the chutzpah of Levy’s rabbi claiming “I do not play the anti-Semitic card” as he plays the anti-Semitic card. Gordon Brown, Blair’s media-anointed successor, has a crooked Jewish backer too: “Sir” Ronald Cohen. If Brown and Cohen are involved in a scandal, and there are plenty of reasons for one, the anti-Semitic card will undoubtedly be played again. “You can’t say that about Ronnie – he’s Jewish!”

The truth – what’s good for Jews, in other words – is that God’s Chosen bless every goyisch country they inhabit. The untruth – reality, in other words – is that they corrupt and destroy everything they touch. Jewish control over Western immigration policy and race relations is leading us to disaster. Portents of that disaster have been visible for decades. This is merely the latest:

Britain may face European inquiry into electoral fraud

Britain could be the first western democracy to face monitoring over vote-rigging and electoral fraud, Guardian Unlimited has learned. A European human rights watchdog is considering plans to scrutinise the UK’s council and regional government elections this May following concerns over vote tampering and postal ballots. The move would prove highly embarrassing for Tony Blair’s government, since the majority of countries already monitored are fledgling democracies from the former eastern block. (The Guardian, 8th March 2007)

Who’s committing the “vote-rigging and electoral fraud”? Corrupt non-whites, of course, as welcomed to Britain in their millions by Jews and Jew-bought politicians like Blair. And why are democracies “fledgling” in the “former eastern block”? Because until very recently those countries were blessed with communism, as invented, financed, and imposed by Jews. Communist countries were police states in which saying the wrong thing got you arrested. Being arrested for “speech crime” was once alien to British law. Thanks to the hard work of bodies like the Jewish Board of Deputies – mentioned above as one of “Lord” Levy’s fiercest defenders – that’s no longer true:

“Yid Army” schoolboys held for alleged racism

A group of schoolboys have been arrested for allegedly using racist chants at their Jewish teacher. The eight pupils aged 15 and 16 are said to have chanted “Yid Army” at David Appleman, a technology teacher. The chant is used by fans of Tottenham Hotspur [a soccer club] in friendly recognition of the club’s support from the Jewish community in north London. Officers from Hertfordshire Police arrested the boys at the school after Mr Appleman complained of alleged racism after seeing a video of the boys on the Internet site YouTube. The pupils, who allegedly made the remarks at the teacher’s leaving party, have been bailed to return to Hertfordshire Police Station on March 14 and 15.

Dennis O’Sullivan the school’s head teacher, today criticised police for treating the boys as “criminals.” “David is seen on the video looking delighted, smiling and shaking hands with the boys,” he said. “At one point someone can be heard calling out ‘Yid Army’ twice. We have Spurs supporters chanting ‘Yiddo! Yiddo!’ about themselves at matches. I wonder if we will see the police making arrests at the next home match.” A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: “We take allegations of this nature seriously and believe we acted accordingly and are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident.” (The Daily Telegraph, 9th March 2007)

“Anti-racism” is a typical Jewish invention. It’s a highly infective mental virus designed to harm whites and help Jews in their never-ending quest for more power and more money. Mass immigration into white nations is causing huge problems and will eventually destroy us. That’s why Jews have promoted mass immigration so assiduously, passed so many laws designed to silence debate about it, and pushed anti-racism so hard through their control of the media. The latest victim in Britain is a naïve white politician who’d failed to learn the Jew-created rules of public debate:

Top Tory axed over Army race row

A Tory frontbencher has been forced to quit after comments on race in the Army which party leader David Cameron called “completely unacceptable.” Shadow home affairs spokesman Patrick Mercer said: “I came across a lot of ethnic minority soldiers who were idle and useless, but who used racism as cover for their misdemeanours.” (BBC News, 8th March 2007)

The anti-racists who shrieked about those comments didn’t pause for a second to ask whether they were true or not. That wasn’t in the slightest bit important: what mattered is they didn’t conform to the Jew-imposed dogma of “White Always Bad, Non-White Always Good.” The same dogma is at work in America, where, just as in Britain, sleazy, crooked Jews pay traitorous white politicians to do their bidding.

‘Lord’ Levy caught in an unflattering pose ’Scooter’ Libby sneers at the goyim

“We’ve got Levy – you’ve got Libby!
Let’s call the whole thing off!”

Mass immigration? You got it! War on Iraq? You got it! War on Iran? Coming right up! And while the UK media are currently full of a poor persecuted Jew called Levy, the US media are full of a poor persecuted Jew called Libby, former bagman for a Jewish gangster called Marc Rich. It’s not a coincidence that Jews appear so often in scandals or that they’ve been “persecuted” for millennia wherever they’ve lived among the goyim. Jews are innately selfish, sleazy and dishonest. They put themselves and their interests first, second and last. They’re hostile to everyone who isn’t Jewish and the only rational response is to be hostile right back.


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