Luke O’Farrell earlier today     18 APRIL 2005

Rape, Murder, AIDS

Black Contributions to White Civilization

Q. How many blacks does it take to invent a lightbulb?
A. No-one knows yet.

Or to put it another way: look around your home at examples of advanced technology. Computers, jew-tubes, DVD-players, stereos, telephones, cameras, and so on. Were any of them invented by blacks? Would any of them not have existed without blacks? These are rhetorical questions of course, like “Is the Pope Protestant?” and “Do bears shit in synagogues?” Blacks and advanced technology go together like ice and fire or Jews and honesty. What have blacks contributed to human civilization in the past 10,000 years? Answer: Nothing. In his book Guns, Germs and Steel, the Jewish writer Jared Diamond offers all sorts of excuses for this. According to him, all apparently different varieties of Homo sapiens have equally high intelligence, but their intelligence only shines forth in certain places. Africa has the wrong geography and the wrong climate. It has too many diseases and too few domestic plants and animals. Blacks are smart, really smart, it’s just their environment that’s dumb.

Diamond is supposed to be a great scientist, but his excuses for blacks prove that he’s just another Jewish conman: fast-talking and crooked. Evolution means that plants and animals adapt to their environments, not beyond them. You don’t get a smart creature in a dumb environment unless the smart creature has come from outside, just as you don’t get a black creature in a white environment unless the black creature has come from outside (ever seen a black polar bear?). If Africa has a dumb environment, the people who live there will be dumb too unless – like Whites – they’ve come from outside. Africa has taught blacks a simple rule of life: eat fast, fuck fast, and forget about tomorrow. And that’s how blacks have always lived in Africa.

I’m simplifying matters, of course, but generally speaking dumb surroundings = dumb people, and that equation certainly applies to Africa and blacks. Let’s suppose for a moment though that I’m wrong and Jew Jared is right. Blacks are smart but Africa is dumb, and that’s why black genius has never shone there for all those millennia. That’s a scientific hypothesis and there’s a simple way to test it: take the blacks out of dumb Africa and put them in a smart environment where their genius can shine forth. And what d’you know? Evil Whitey has done exactly that. With just a little help from Jews, Arabs, and other blacks, he scooped a few million blacks up from Africa and transported them to America to work as slaves. Later on, he fought a war that killed and mutilated many thousands of his fellow Whites to help free those black slaves.

That was more than a hundred years ago. Since then, blacks in the United States and other White nations have eaten better, lived better and been taught better than they ever could have dreamt of in Africa. And guess what? Jew Jared’s hypothesis has failed utterly. Blacks are still following the rule of life they were taught by their dumb environment in Africa: eat fast, fuck fast, and forget about tomorrow. Blacks have still contributed nothing of any significance to science, mathematics, and advanced technology. If every black on the planet were suddenly raptured away, science, math, and hi-tech wouldn’t even notice they’d gone. But a few other areas of White civilization would. Sport and entertainment, for example. Africa made blacks very good at running fast, jumping high, and juggling simple words. But I could happily live without fast-running, high-jumping, jive-talking blacks, because Africa also made blacks very good at three other things.

The first is rape, the second is murder, and the third is spreading disease. If all blacks disappeared tomorrow, science and mathematics wouldn’t notice, but criminal justice and medicine would. They’d notice that things had changed hugely for the better. Blacks are about fifteen per cent of the general American population, but nearly fifty per cent of its prison population. Even with Hispanics dishonestly classified as White, official statistics reveal that American blacks are about seventeen times more likely to murder Whites than Whites are to murder blacks, and about thirty – thirty – times more likely to rape Whites than Whites are to rape blacks.

And that’s not counting the horrendous rates of black-on-White male rape inside black-filled, black-ruled American prisons. If White prisoners were raping black prisoners to the same extent, or White criminals were raping and murdering blacks on the outside to the same extent, we’d never hear the end of it. The Jews-media would be a-weepin’ and a-wailin’ day and night about White depravity and viciousness. As it is, black crime does get some racial analysis, and the racial analysis is: it’s Whitey’s fault. It’s our racism and oppression that make blacks in America and other White nations behave like savages. It’s not black nature, no, not at all. By nature, blacks are sweet and good and kind, and it wasn’t till evil Whites corrupted them that they started behaving so badly.

Nah. That’s just another Jewish lie. Blacks behave like that because it’s in their genes. Blacks are stupid and violent by nature, not by evil White nurture. If they’re left on their own, they don’t create civilization, they create savagery. Black behavior in the West is bestial and mindless because blacks are naturally bestial and mindless, which is one reason they’re so good at spreading disease. They invented AIDS, possibly by copulating with monkeys, and then they spread it to the rest of the world with the help of white sodomites and their black-like behavior.

In America, black males are seven times more likely to be infected with AIDS than White men (the figure would be even higher but for white sodomites), and black females are twenty – twenty – times more likely to be infected with AIDS than White women. The black rule for sex is: Fuck fast and forget about tomorrow. That’s a recipe for disaster where AIDS is concerned, and that’s why AIDS is such a disaster in the black homelands of Africa. Blacks have even, all by themselves, come up with a way of making their AIDS problem even worse.

Meet dry sex. Dry sex is a fine old black custom, like child sacrifice and cannibalism. Some African blacks don’t like wet vaginas. They like their wives and prostitutes to be tight and dry during sex, so their wives and prostitues, having little choice in the matter, use special herbs and powders to make themselves so. The result is that the walls of their vaginas tear and bleed during sex and so does the skin of their menfolk’s penises. The AIDS virus just loves torn and bleeding sexual organs. You couldn’t find a better way of transmitting the AIDS virus short of directly injecting yourself with infected blood.

Dry sex is a purely black practice, like drive-by shooting and “gangsta rap”, and illustrates the black genius for being really, really smart at being really, really dumb. Left to themselves, blacks would never survive the harsh, cold environments where White ingenuity and foresight were forged. They only survive because Whites are here to feed and house them and be abused by the Jews for their pains. Blacks cost Whites a huge and unacceptable amount every day, and that’s why Jews are always inciting blacks to worse behavior against Whites and tying Whites’ hands ever more firmly behind their backs. If blacks didn’t exist, Jews would have been delighted to invent them for use in their racial war against Whites. This means that bad as the black problem is, it’s only part of the much wider and much worse Jewish problem, and we must never forget that.


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