Luke O’Farrell earlier today     19th March 2006

Divided We Stand

Jew-Blighted We Fall

The British media do love a gruesome story and the murder of Charlene Downes has all the right ingredients. Except one – the names of the murderers:

The body of a missing schoolgirl may have been turned into burgers and kebabs and served up at a seaside fast food outlet. Police fear the remains of 14-year-old Charlene Downes, who was reported missing in November 2003, may also have been ground up into tile grout. Iyad Albattikhi, 28, who ran the Funny Boyz takeaway in Blackpool, Lancashire is charged with her murder. The co-owner of the business Mohammed Raveshi, a 49-year old former social services worker and foster father, is charged with assisting in the disposal of her body. (National Vanguard, 13th March 2006)

The BBC, or Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, has barely mentioned this case and not whispered a word of the kebab angle. But imagine what it would do if the races were reversed and two Evil White Males had murdered a 14-year-old Muslim girl, then allegedly turned her into meat-pies. Like the rest of the media, the BBC follows the simple and highly effective strategy of exaggerating White crime and minimizing ethnic crime. It’s a Jewish strategy, of course, and even when ethnic crime is reported, no-one is allowed to connect the dots and interpret the patterns. Take this story about Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the London suicide bombers:

His file shows the process to radical Islam had started by 2002, a year after he joined Hillside [primary school]. He began taking leave on religious grounds. He took more than two weeks in January/February 2002 for “Muslim religious obligation, Haj, pilgrimage” and a similar period for “religious observances” the next year. From November 2003, he took 18 months, costing his employer an estimated £6,000 [$10,000]. (The Independent, 11th March 2006)

In other words, the British taxpayer paid to turn Khan into a suicide bomber. A White Christian who took that amount of time off on “religious grounds” would soon find his employer’s shoe hitting the seat of his trousers, but Muslims don’t have to follow the same rules as Whites. Khan was given special privileges and repaid his “homeland” by committing mass murder.

Although Asians like Khan are catching up fast, blacks have murdered, raped and wounded far more Whites over the years. Sometimes they wrap the three violent crimes into one big love-note to the White race:

Five men have been found guilty of murdering Mary-Ann Leneghan after she was kidnapped, raped, and tortured. Adrian Thomas, 20, Jamaile Morally, 22, his brother Joshua Morally, 23, and Llewellyn Adams, 24, all from south London, were convicted on Friday. Earlier in the trial 19-year-old Michael Johnson, of Southfields, pleaded guilty to murdering the 16-year-old, from Reading in Berkshire. No murder verdict has yet been reached on Indrit Krasniqi, 18, of Chiswick. Mary-Ann and her 18-year-old friend were abducted in central Reading last May before being taken to a guest house where they were raped and tortured. They were then driven to Prospect Park to be killed. Mary-Ann died from repeated stab wounds while her friend, who cannot be named, was shot in the head but survived. (BBC News, 17th March 2006)

This story is not receiving a fraction of the attention it deserves as a warning of what lies ahead for Whites. Non-whites harm us out of all proportion to their numbers, but that doesn’t mean we should kick them out ASAP. On the contrary, it means we should give them new ways to hurt us. If I could spot winning race-horses as easily as I can spot non-whites behind a headline, I’d be a millionaire many times over:

Prescott employee and wife jailed for £800,000 swindle

A former employee of [the government minister] John Prescott’s office who created a fake housing association to steal £867,000 [$1,470,000] has been jailed for four years. Robert Adewunmi, 32, pretended to be a chartered accountant to get his job and then funded a “lavish lifestyle” for himself and his wife with the money he stole. His wife, Tami, 33, who was a director and secretary of the housing association, was jailed for six months. The couple bought a house in Slough, three in Florida, a timeshare in Florida, a conservatory for their home, cars and three plots of land in Epsom with the stolen money. They also bought a £43,000 investment portfolio, a £10,000 bed, £9,000 of computer equipment, £3,000 of family portraits and photographs, and paid £10,000 off their mortgage.

The court had heard that Mr Adewunmi obtained a job in the budget and data management department of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as a trouble-shooter in August 2003 by claiming to be a qualified chartered accountant. But although he had registered as a student with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, he would have had to have passed a further 14 exams to qualify. A month later he invented RTR Housing Association and began making payments to it. Several of the couple’s friends and relations were listed as directors of the housing association. (The Daily Telegraph, 10th March 2006)

I’d bet a yid’s nose to a nigger’s IQ that Adewunmi was given his fancy job without proper checks to fill some unofficial (and illegal) ethnic quota, and got away with his thieving for so long because people were scared to question what he was up to. The same will apply here:

Jail sentence for NHS fraudster

A “greedy” hospital manager who helped steal £585,000 [$995,000] from an NHS [National Health Service] trust has been jailed for four years. Joy Henry, 47, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court for her part in the fraud, believed to be one of the biggest against a single NHS trust. She siphoned money from King’s College NHS Trust over four years, and split the proceeds with her then boyfriend. Henry, a member of the trust’s in-house employment service, added a string of “ghost workers” to the payroll. She then pocketed some of the money they earned. Much of the money had been spent on luxury items, including an Audi convertible car, several holidays in her native Nigeria and many first-class trips to the US. Some £155,000 of the money was said to have been handed to her former boyfriend, Joseph Oduguwa, 42, who is believed to have fled to Nigeria. (BBC News, 24th February 2006)

If you want to see pictures of the enterprising jigaboos behind these three crimes, forget it. Images work in the most primitive parts of our brains and just reading about black criminals isn’t as powerful as seeing their ugly faces too. So the media are careful to use neutral pictures:

White teenager tortured, raped and murdered by niggers

Hospital where nigger crook Joy Henry worked Court where nigger crook Joy Henry was sentenced

White traitor who employed nigger crook Robert Adewunmi

Play “Spot the Nigger”

And even when the media are forced to give the facts of non-white crime, they’re sure to avoid interpreting those facts. Although the real message of media and government propaganda is that Whites are inferior and should welcome their own extinction, the official dogma is that all races are equal. This means that no-one can look for any deeper significance in the five stories above. The murderers, rapists and fraudsters just happened to be non-white – it’s a roll of the dice, lightning from a clear blue sky. Only evil racists would claim otherwise.

Well, I’m an evil racist and I do claim otherwise. There’s nothing random about non-whites appearing in those stories. Not only do non-whites have a much higher propensity to crime, they’re actively encouraged to it by the way our society is run. When you try to understand why society is run like that, you’ll see other patterns that the media are forbidden to discuss. Take the current controversy about NuLiebour selling honors for cash. If you look at the donors – “Sir” Ronald Cohen, Andrew Rosenfeld, “Sir” David Garrard, “financier” Barry Townsley, “Sir” Gulam Noon, Chai Patel – and the man who arranged the donations, “Lord” Levy, you’ll see a very obvious but completely undiscussed pattern.

A Jew is selling knighthoods and peerages to Jews and Asians in a White-majority nation. Yep, corruption follows Jews the way flies follow an elephant with diarrhea. A society that allows Jews to have power and influence is like a long-distance swimmer strapped to an anvil. Like the swimmer, the society will soon be in serious trouble. But political corruption is mild compared to what Jews may cause for us in future. Even the dreary left-wing prose of The New Statesman couldn’t destroy the interest of its most recent cover-story:

We can reveal that while Harold Wilson was prime minister [1964-70 (also 1974-6)] the UK supplied Israel with small quantities of plutonium despite a warning from British intelligence that it might “make a material contribution to an Israeli weapons programme.” This, by enabling Israel to study the properties of plutonium before its own supplies came on line, could have taken months off the time it needed to make a weapon. Britain also sold Israel a whole range of other exotic chemicals, including uranium-235, beryllium and lithium-6, which are used in atom bombs and even hydrogen bombs. And in Harold Macmillan’s time [1957-63] we supplied the heavy water that allowed Israel to start up its own plutonium production facility at Dimona.

Throughout this period, Defence Intelligence repeatedly complained that Israel was the only country getting nuclear export licences “on the basis of the meaningless phrase ‘scientific and research purposes’.” The Department of Trade tried to exempt Israeli deals completely on the grounds that these were government-to-government transactions, but DIS was outraged, saying such deals were meant only for “people like most of our Nato partners who can be trusted ... Israel however is a very different kettle of fish.” (The New Statesman, 13th March 2006)

How did Israel get away with this? Because the “British” kettle was full of Jewish fish like Michael Israel Michaels, a senior official in the science and technology ministries and “Britain’s representative at the IAEA” (International Atomic Energy Association). Similar Jewish treachery has happened countless times in White governments over the past sixty years, as Jews have helped Israel and harmed the West by stealing information and technology or promoting mass immigration and “diversity.” The arms race that Israel has started with its Islamic enemies may end with atom bombs going off in White cities. After all, there are many Muslims already living in the West who’ll be happy to do the job – and when we ask why that is, we get the same answer.

Itz da Jooz. They’re behind mass immigration just as they’re behind everything else that harms the West. But their schemes can backfire. They’ve taught the left that Whites are uniquely evil but also tried to pretend, as a form of parasitic camouflage, that they’re White themselves. That’s why the left pays so much attention to Israel and its oppression of the non-white Palestinians, and why the story about Israel’s nuclear thefts was run by a left-wing magazine and the BBC. Jews are not infallible and their arrogance, deviousness and paranoia can betray them. The only certain way to lose a fight is to surrender before it’s over and our fight to win our nations back is a long way from over. The key to victory is this simple truth: Divided from kikes and their non-white allies we’ll stand; Jew-blighted we’ll surely fall.


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