Luke O’Farrell earlier today     12th March 2006

With Friends Like These...

Who Needs Exterminators?

Suppose you’re a British politician whose leader promised that his government would be “purer than pure.” Suppose further that your husband or wife

a) is an international lawyer

b) works extensively with Italian politicians and businessmen

c) keeps asking you to sign documents about very large sums of money

So here’s a simple question: Would you make very sure you knew exactly what you were putting your signature to?

Kike-alike Tessa Jowell – ‘What, Me Worry?’

Of course you would. But you’re not the doughty feminist Tessa “Gargoyle Next Door” Jowell, Minister for Culture in Tony Blair’s NuLabour government. Her husband David Mills, an international lawyer who works extensively with Italians, kept asking Jowell to sign documents about very large sums of money. But she didn’t bother her pretty little head with the full details. At least that’s what she claims now that her moneygrubbing (and possibly Jewish) husband is accused of serious corruption. This leaves us with two simple alternatives. Either she’s lying through her teeth and should resign or she’s unfit for public office and should resign.

So far she’s not resigned. Bliar, who has himself accepted expensive gifts and free holidays from Italy’s billionaire crook-in-chief Silvio Berlusconi, has cleared her of wrongdoing. It’s yet more evidence that he’s one of the most remarkable men ever to be British prime minister. He’s almost certainly the stupidest and he combines an unshakeable belief in his own virtue and righteousness with the ability to lie, lie and lie again in his Jewish masters’ service. When he’s been called in for another pep-talk, his masters are sure to gloat over the power they have over him:

The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews – The Voice Of British Jewry


The Prime Minister today held a meeting with lay leaders of the Jewish community: Sir Victor Blank [media tycoon, banker and retailer], Sir Trevor Chinn [very large donor to NuLabour], Lord Janner [keen user of libel laws], Lord Levy [Bliar’s Middle East “envoy”], Gerald Ronson [convicted fraudster], Lord Rothschild [financier and charity-worker for Jews], Alan Sennitt (Chair of UJS [Union of Jewish Students]), Sir Sigmund Sternberg [another very large donor to NuLabour], Jo Wagerman [President of the Board of Deputies], Lord Weidenfeld [publishing magnate] and Lord Woolf [leading government lawyer]. In an open and detailed discussion the Prime Minister responded with understanding and concern to the wide range of issues raised on behalf of the community. (From the Board of Deputies’ website, 8th March 2006)

Is this kind of meeting healthy? Should a British prime minister pay so much attention to such a tiny ethnic minority? Is the goyisch majority allowed to know what was discussed and what was promised? These questions constitute the vilest anti-Semitism – as God’s Chosen Ones, Jews must always come first and must never be questioned or criticized. Yep, if you want to see how Western “democracy” works, get hold of an empty jar and a handful of soil. Put the soil in the jar, fill up with water, screw the lid on and shake hard. Then put the jar down and let it stand quietly for a day or two. When you come back you’ll find some interesting deposition patterns on the bottom, clear water in the middle and a layer of scum on top.

A layer of scum on top. Isn’t that a perfect description of what you find all over the Western world? But there’s scum and there’s scum, and the scum that now governs White nations has had to pass through a filter on its way to the top – a Jew-filter. Thanks to Jewish control of politics and the media, no Western politician has a hope of gaining power unless he ticks every box in the following list:

Pro-big business
Pro-mass immigration

You can see how the Jew-filter works with the scum here:

Tony ‘Bliar’ Blair David Cameron, Bliar Mark 2

David Miliband, up-and-coming kike Michael Gove, up-and-coming Friend of Israel

The two particles of scum on top, Bliar and David Cameron, the new leader of Britain’s Jew-riddled “Conservative” party, have already passed through the Jew-filter; the two particles below are passing through it now. One of them, the smug’n’slimy David Miliband (on the left), will have no problems, because he’s Jewish himself. The other, the similarly smug’n’slimy Michael Gove, is still working hard to convince our Jewish masters that he’ll serve them faithfully. But he seems to think he’ll get there, because he’s already started to create a new image for himself. His Wikipedia article, presumably written by people who know, notes that he “flat-shared with [fellow Conservatives] Ivan Massow and Nicholas Boles. Both were openly gay at the time.” Like lawyers, Jews and egomaniac narcissists, homosexuals are hugely over-represented in Western politics, but Gove, with eyes on the very top, has decided that homo is a no-no. Instead, it’s hetero-to-go: he married in 2001, at the age of thirty-four, and his personal website makes very sure you see he’s had children.

That’s a politician for you: children are a means to an egomaniac end, not an end in themselves. Gove must be picking up lots of marks from his Jewish judges and they’ve already hung a medal around his neck: the website of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) noted this in its “Events and Activities” calendar for 2005:

27 January

Private dinner with Michael Gove (Conservative parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath and Associate Editor of ‘the Times [sic]

To those in the know, this mark of Jewish favor is a sign Gove is on his way to the top. CFI, working in collaboration with Labour Friends of Israel, wields enormous power and influence and during the recent Conservative leadership election you could see the two candidates, David Cameron and David Davis, being put into a grovel-off for its favor. One of the questions they were asked was this:

Conservative Friends of Israel is one of the biggest affiliated groups to the Conservative Party with over 80% of MPs as members and over 2,000 registered supporters (most of whom are Party members). How do you see CFI’s role in promoting Conservatism and helping the Conservative Party to win the next election? (“Vot’s In It For Us, Goyim?”)

The threat is unmistakable: we can make you or break you, goy, so grovel. And Cameron groveled harder: this is part of his reply to the question “Why should Conservatives be friends of Israel?”:

I am a strong admirer of what Israelis have achieved in the fields of science, the arts, business and philanthropy, and of the immeasurable contribution of Jewish culture to our own society.

Davis didn’t get his tongue working quite so hard over those Jewish jackboots:

There is a significant Jewish population in the UK which makes a substantial contribution to the country and the Conservative Party.

“Immeasurable contribution” vs “substantial contribution.” This Davis guy, vot is he, an anti-Semite already? But I have to agree with Cameron: Jews have indeed made an immeasurable contribution to our society – rather like the rats who carried the Black Death to Europe way back in the fourteenth century. Jews were blamed for that too in yet another example of the irrational prejudice Whites have always felt for them.

Only it’s not an irrational prejudice: Whites have known either by instinct or by direct experience that Jews are full of hatred and malice. The Black Death was something they’d like to have arranged for us, even if they didn’t actually do so. We know this because in Europe and America they’re busily arranging a new Black Death for us – and a Brown and Yellow Death too. Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel are also Enemies of Britain, collaborating with Jews to keep non-whites flooding across our borders. I hope they regret their treachery one day.


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