Luke O’Farrell earlier today     10th JUNE 2005

With Respect, Mr Galloway

You’re a Paki-Loving Left-Wing Lunatic

Imagine being strapped into an electric chair and then offered a big choice. The executioner can pull the switch with his right hand or with his left or even with both at once – it’s entirely up to you. Well, that’s what voting in the recent British general election was like. It was going to be won by either the Jew-loving lawyer Tony Blair for New Labour or the literally Jewish lawyer Michael Howard (né Hecht) for the Conservatives, with the faint possibility that the Jew-loving career politico Charles Kennedy would hold the balance of power between the two for the Liberal Democrats.

On everything that mattered, the three main parties were indistinguishable: they’re all in the pockets of big business and the Jewish lobby and they’re all thoroughly liberal in the degraded modern sense, supporting the full menu of multi-racialism, feminism, and “gay” rights. The Conservatives tried to exploit public concern about mass immigration, but anyone who believed their lies was either very naïve or very stupid or both. Not that their feeble proposals for “controlled immigration” would have made any difference if they’d been enacted. With millions of non-whites already established and breeding merrily in the UK, ending all immigration tomorrow would make no difference. It’s going to take much, much more than that to save us from national and racial disaster and at present the only half-way credible party that acknowledges at least some of the truth is the British National Party.

But the BNP weren’t standing in my constituency and neither was any other White nationalist party, so who on earth could I vote for? It was simple. I could – and did – vote for a radical party that was standing in my constituency: Respect. It’s the coalition of the hard left and “mainstream” Muslims founded by the Scottish socialist George Galloway, who recently got a lot of publicity for running rings around a bunch of pompous, half-witted American senators (if you’ll pardon the tautology). Maybe Galloway did receive money from Saddam Hussein, or maybe he’s been framed by the intelligence services. I don’t know, but I do know I’ve been very impressed by him whenever I’ve heard him perform in public. He’s got more charisma in his little finger than Blair has in his entire effeminate body.

The thing is, I also think that Galloway is a Paki-loving left-wing lunatic, and I don’t give a damn about one of his pet causes: the Palestinians. I hate Jews but that doesn’t mean I automatically love the Jews’ victims or that I think the Jews are behaving that badly in Palestine. They aren’t, in part because the world’s eyes are on them, and the worst oppressors of Arabs, now as always, are other Arabs. But all that raises an obvious question. If I think Galloway is a Paki-loving left-wing lunatic and I don’t give a damn about the Palestinians, why on earth did I vote for Galloway’s hard-left party? As I said, it was simple. I voted Respect because the more exposure it receives, the more British Whites will start to realize how dangerous “British” Muslims are. I would have loved my constituency to elect a Member of Parliament for Respect who would cause trouble in the House of Commons, and although there was never any chance of that, I could at least make the symbolic gesture of voting for their candidate.

The Respect party now has just one MP: George Galloway himself, and a month after his election win he has accused the Labour party of trying to keep him out with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fraudulent votes. Fighting in a London constituency he overturned a big majority held by one of the most revolting of “Blair’s babes”: the half-black, half-Jewish Oona King. The campaign was one of the nastiest ever seen in Britain. At one point Galloway was intimidated by Muslim “extremists” claiming that anyone who voted at all would go to hell. Muslims also pelted Oona King with eggs at a remembrance ceremony for the mostly Jewish victims of the last V2 to hit London during the war.

But its comedic value aside, the nastiness of the campaign has several possible benefits. It will surely have opened the eyes of some Whites to the true nature of Britain’s teeming Muslim community, and Muslim hostility to Jews may draw the attention of ignorant Whites to something they’ve never considered before: the number of Jews in public life and the influence and power they have. Either way, the behavior of Muslims certainly emphasizes how un-British they are. They vote as Muslims for their own selfish ends and despite living here for forty years and more, they’re loyal not to Britain but to an alien religion and to their co-religionists overseas. In other words, “British Muslim” is a complete contradiction in terms.

As is the Respect party. Just like the big three – Cons, NuLab, LibDem – Respect fully supports feminism and “gay” rights. Yet, just like the big three again, they get votes from Muslims who completely oppose feminism and “gay” rights. It’s clear proof of the sham of British democracy and of how cynical and dishonest Muslims are, and George Galloway and Respect are helping more and more Whites to recognize this. Not that they’re the only ones. Beside the egg-attack on Oona King, this attempted interview with a Muslim parliamentary candidate was one of the comedy highlights of the election:

The Times: Are you Mohammed Sultan?
Mohammed Sultan: No.
The Times: Is it possible to speak to Mohammed Sultan please? Shall I tell you what it is? It’s quite serious. There’s quite a number of people at this address who appear also to be registered at other addresses for a vote on the electoral roll.
Sultan: What roll? Who are you? Where’s your ID? Show us your ID. How dare you come at this time of night?
The Times: Well, it’s not dark.
Sultan: It is dark. Come on, show your ID. [Checks Press card] Go on, take another one! You like it when I sue you. I don’t want to talk to you. Off my grounds! Off my grounds! Off my grounds! Off my grounds!
The Times: Clearly there are number of people on the electoral roll...
Sultan: Off my grounds!

The Times then gave a list of names that appeared more than once on the electoral roll in the constituency – see if you can spot the common thread:

Mohammed Bostan (5x)
Duliat Bib (3x)
Mohammed Khan (3x)
Mohammed Shaquar (2x)
Mohammed Sharif (3x)
Mohammed Sultan (3x)
Munzoor Jan (2x)
Mohammed Shafiq (3x)
Amini Thira Hussan (2x)

Yep, that’s nine Muslims with twenty-six votes, but the enterprising Mohammed Sultan wasn’t a candidate for some fringe party like Respect. No, he was a candidate for the Conservatives and he, like similar Muslim fraudsters for NuLabour, was more proof that Muslims have no interest in Britain beyond what they can get out of it for themselves. Muslims are corrupt, violent, and utterly alien to our traditions and culture, and more and more British Whites are starting to recognize that and turn to the only party with serious potential that is prepared to stand up and say so: the BNP. That’s why, in the absence of a BNP candidate, I voted Respect. It’s also why I’d like to thank George Galloway. He may be a Paki-loving left-wing lunatic, but he’ll do a great deal to alert Britain’s Whites to the racial and cultural disaster that awaits them if they don’t act soon.


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