Luke O’Farrell earlier today     7 NOVEMBER 2005

Voting for Extinction

The Hidden Hand of the Yidden Band

Apart from the groupies and the drugs, what first attracted me to neo-Nazism was the insight it offered into politics and culture. Jews are bad news, neo-Nazis said, and by God, they were right. Looking at the world through anti-Semitic eyes is like taking off a blindfold: you suddenly start to see what’s been going on in front of you all the time. Why are White heterosexual men the target of unrelenting hostility and abuse? Why are White nations committing suicide by allowing mass immigration? Why do the media shriek deafeningly about White-on-black crimes and the Holy Holocaust but barely whisper about much more frequent black-on-White crimes and the worse atrocities of communism?

In a word: Jews. They aren’t the only factor, but they’re the most important and most powerful. Trying to understand the West’s problems without taking Jews into account is like trying to understand disease without taking microbes into account. Just as microbes can harm and destroy organisms many times their own size, so Jews – a tiny minority of the world’s population – are able to corrupt and subvert entire nations of non-Jews and run them for their own benefit. Those yiddiots who mock anti-Semitic “conspiracy theories” by pointing out that men like George W. Bush and Tony Blair aren’t Jewish obviously haven’t given much thought to the best techniques of manipulation and control. It is much safer to have non-Jewish puppets controlled from the shadows than to let the Jewish puppetmasters take center stage, and though the Jew Michael “Dracula” Howard did try to become British prime minister, he didn’t do so under his real name of Hoch.

His famous nickname is another example of why Jews are better off using Gentile puppets. Whites are instinctively repulsed by Jews and Michael “Dracula” Hoch, like Peter “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson and Gerald “Hannibal Lecter” Kaufman, found this a great handicap in his pursuit of direct power. But the grinning fake Tony Blair is a Gentile and doesn’t repulse his own race like that, so Jews like Mandelson have used him as their puppet. Blair has several excellent qualifications for this role: his greed, narcissism, and egomania, for example. They make him much easier to control than someone who isn’t vain and obsessed with money and self-publicity.

But above all Blair is stupid. He must be the least intelligent prime minister the UK has ever had, which is one reason he will also prove the most disastrous. We will be paying for the bad decisions he has made for a very long time to come. Sending British troops to die for Israel in Iraq is probably the most obvious, but he’s also allowed disasters closer to home. Take the Commission for Racial Equality. Instead of abolishing it, as any intelligent British P.M. with the best interests of his country at heart would have done, he appointed someone called Trevor Phillips to spearhead more of its pernicious anti-White meddling and propaganda. Phillips is a black version of Blair: narcissistic, egomaniacal, and stupid. His only discernible talent is for self-publicity and he’s constantly hitting the headlines with yet more fatuous “analysis” of Britain’s racial problems.

But I think he surpassed himself with a speech he made after those niggers and pakis rioted in Birmingham. As I described in my last column, a black was stabbed and battered to death by a gang of Pakistanis during the riot. This is “Clever” Trevor’s take on the incident:

It is hard not to reflect that had the person who died have been [sic] of a different colour; and had one of the sides in the conflict been white, we would today be hearing calls for public inquiries, demands for ministerial statements and resignations and acres of analysis. It is just as in 1981, when 13 young black people died in a house fire in Deptford, when it seemed that these young peoples’ lives were less important than they should be. But this is not an attack on the media, or on white Britain. (Speech of 28th October 2005)

I’m puzzled about how best to explain these comments. Are they just another example of Trevor’s extreme stupidity or was his reflexive anti-White bigotry at work too? The truth is that the media are keeping quiet about the murder not because the victim was black but because the murderers were Asians. If they’d been White instead, the media would still be shrieking that fact from every rooftop in Britain. There have been no “public inquiries, demands for ministerial statements and resignations and acres of analysis” not because White lives are regarded as more important than non-white but because the riot can’t be blamed on Whitey. That’s why the government and media don’t know what to say: there’s no Jew-written script to follow when niggers riot against pakis and pakis murder niggers.

But that wasn’t the only example of stupidity in Phillips’ speech. Its title was “Equality in our Lifetime: Talking About A Revolution”, which is both stupid and a remainder of Phillips’ student days in Jew-invented communism. At one point – surprise, surprise – he began to boast about himself and the insights his roots in non-white Guyana have given him into what’s best for the White nation of Britain:

My family came from a country which has for the whole of my lifetime suffered from racial division. Though I was born here I spent most of my childhood in Guyana, a country rich in natural resources [and] hugely diverse in its people. The talent of the Guyanese has become an international story, even prompting the Prince of Wales to talk of a Guyanese mafia, including the leader of the House of Lords for example. Like most Guyanese I grew up with boys and girls of most races – we even celebrate the six peoples in the Guyanese national anthem – and every major religion. But I have seen how a divided political system, segregated workplaces and a mutual suspicion that causes everyone to fight against his or her neighbour, have destroyed a nation, now one of the poorest on earth. And Guyana is not divided because it is poor. It is poor because it is divided. We can see the devastating cost of such divisions all over the world. I desperately want to avoid replicating them in the UK.

So “we can see the devastating cost of such divisions all over the world.” But Trevor thinks that with the wise guidance of the outstanding Guyanese talent of which he is such a shining example, we can avoid replicating them in the UK. And is his solution the only one that would work: sending all non-whites back where they came from, which would be better both for them and for us? Of course not. His solution is more money and power for himself and more interference and control by the state. His communism has never gone away, in other words, but then that’s true of many other men and women appointed to high office by the narcissistic shabbas goy Tony Blair.

Another big example is the egregious David Blunkett. He’s the blind, blunt-spoken working-class lad who’s just resigned from the government for the second time. Like the first time, Blair says he’s gone “without a stain on his character”, which you might think would cause even someone as stupid as Blair to wonder why he had to resign at all. It’s completely false, of course: journalists have been writing for weeks about Blunkett’s near-psychopathic bullying, dishonesty, and lying, and undoubtedly much more is still waiting to come out. Blunkett used to run local government in Yorkshire as a firebrand socialist who claimed to be fighting for the downtrodden and disadvantaged, but even then his power-lust and venality were very obvious.

Once he got into national government, he really let them off the leash. The principle that guides bullying egomaniacs like Blunkett is “Kiss ass up, kick ass down.” Inevitably, some of the asses he was kissing in London were Jewish: he had an affair with the extremely rich and extremely manipulative Jewish publisher Kimberly Quinn (née Solomon), and she soon had him by the balls in more senses than one. Thanks to the son she had with him, she’s now been able to hand his balls over to the rest of Britain’s “Jewish community.” Blunkett has publicly thanked them for their help with his self-inflicted difficulties, with a toadying promise that he’ll do even more for them in future:

David Blunkett has disclosed that his son by Kimberly Quinn, his former lover, attends a Jewish nursery. The Work and Pensions Secretary added that as the boy’s mother was from a Jewish background, it was “appropriate” that William, three, should attend a Jewish nursery. His comments were made at a recent gala dinner hosted by the Friends of Haifa University. Mr Blunkett, who was being presented with an honorary doctorate, said he wanted to thank the Jewish community for its “extraordinary support” when “things got difficult” in his personal and professional life. “And I won’t let you down. I feel deeply honoured when friends from the Jewish community are prepared to welcome me. I feel like one of the family.” (The Daily Telegraph, 26th October 2005)

I’d as soon believe that Jews are helping Blunkett out of the goodness of their Gentile-loving hearts as I’d believe that a hungry crocodile or shark would rescue a drowning child. No, they’ve been helping him for their own advantage, and there were further revelations about Blunkett’s Jewish “friends” to come. Before the last election, he sat briefly but lucratively on the board of a DNA-testing company and bought shares in it for his children. DNA-testing companies, like Jews, don’t help politicians unless they get a lot in return, but Blunkett still tried to deny that he’d done anything wrong and said it was simply a “mistake” that he hadn’t informed an advisory committee about his business dealings.

But it soon turned out that this wasn’t the only thing he’d kept quiet about:

David Blunkett was facing yet more questions about his money-making activities last night after it was revealed that he was paid up to £20,000 [$38,000] for a few weeks’ work for a charity. Tory MPs are demanding to know why the minister took so long to reveal that he was working for a third paymaster without seeking advice from a Whitehall advisory committee on any of the advisory posts.

The latest organisation to be linked with Mr Blunkett – World ORT, a Jewish educational and vocational training charity – said it had no idea that he had not told the Commons watchdog about the fees.

ORT says that it made no secret of its association with Mr Blunkett though it refused yesterday to give details of what he did to earn his sizeable fee or how long he was with the charity, which is worth £200 million [$380m] . ORT would say only: “David Blunkett assisted World ORT, an educational and vocational training charity, with our international work and future development in the early part of this year.” Figures inside the charity insisted that Mr Blunkett was well worth the substantial fee he was paid. (The Times, 2nd November 2005)

World ORT – or WORT, as I’d prefer to call it – is a charity founded in Tsarist Russia and run by Jews for Jews, not for anyone else. What’s good for Jews is bad for Gentiles and whatever Blunkett was really doing for WORT, one thing is certain: He was acting as a traitor to his race and receiving a Judas’s fee for his treachery. In typical Jewish fashion, most of that fee for helping Jews and harming Gentiles had actually come from Gentiles in the first place. This is how WORT boasts of its power over Gentiles on one of its many websites:

ORT’s major revenue sources are the USA, the UK, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Its global budget exceeds $250 million. An indication of the priority given to ORT’s work by governments and agencies around the world is the fact that money raised by your national organisations is supplemented on a matching funding basis at a ratio of approximately 20:1. In other words, every £1 that we raise provides ORT with the leverage to raise another £19 from official and other sources. (

Why do the Jews of WORT get 2,000% – two thousand per cent – more money from Gentiles than they raise directly themselves? Why are non-Jewish “governments and agencies” giving such priority to a Jewish organization run solely for the benefit of Jews? It’s simple: Because Jews control those governments and agencies by pulling the strings of white race-traitors like Tony Blair and David Blunkett and cretinous niggers like Trevor Phillips.

We Whites cannot understand what is going on in the West unless we learn to recognize the hidden hand of the yidden band, but we can only do that if we take off our blindfolds and realize that the hand isn’t really hidden at all: it’s been strangling our race right in front of us all the time. Far too many Whites are still wearing their blindfolds, but thanks to events like Hurricane Katrina and the riots in Birmingham and Paris, more and more of us are starting to take them off and recognize that voting for Jewish puppets like George Bush and Tony Blair means voting for our own extinction.


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