Luke O’Farrell earlier today     28 SEPTEMBER 2005

Twilight of the Goulds

Jewish Lies about Race Are Crumbling

Liberals are clear-eyed, cool-headed rationalists, implacably opposed to dogma and superstition. That’s why they reject the fairy-tales of the creationists. Like this one: The Universe was created in six days and is now only 6,000 years old. Laughable. Or this one: Noah’s ark rode out a world-wide flood for forty days and nights with a huge collection of animals on board. Ludicrous. Or this one: Mass immigration by non-whites into White societies will produce peace, prosperity, and happiness for all. Ridic– Whoops, sorry, my mistake. I’m mixing my fairy-tales up. That last one belongs to the liberals, not the creationists.

Yes, the truth is that liberals don’t really object to dogma, superstition, and fairy-tales at all, they just object to the wrong kind: the old Christian kind. They’re perfectly happy with the new kind – their kind – and they hate science just as much as creationists when it threatens to contradict their irrational dogmas. Race does not exist. IQ tests measure nothing but the prejudices of IQ testers. Differences in the psychology and behavior of men and women are solely the product of social conditioning. Those are three of the biggest liberal dogmas, and for the past forty years, led by pseudo-scientists like Stephen Jay Gould (Jew), Richard Lewontin (Jew), Leon Kamin (Jew), Steven Rose (Jew), and Jared Diamond (guess), they’ve fought tooth-and-nail against the ever-growing scientific evidence that all three are completely wrong. Race does exist, IQ tests do measure something real, and men and women are innately different in psychology and behavior.

More evidence of how liberals can’t tolerate true science comes from their ignorance about one of the most important of all scientific tools: the controlled experiment. When you have an idea or invention to test, use a small space to start with and compare what happens with a control where you don’t do anything. One of the advantages of this method is that if something goes wrong, you can easily contain the problem. Suppose you have a new chemical that might help crops grow faster and feed more people, but might have unwelcome side-effects too. You need to test it to make sure it’s safe, so the obvious thing to do is manufacture huge amounts of the stuff and use it on every farm in the country. That way, if every plant turns yellow and dies after two weeks, shortly before farmers and their families start developing strange and deadly new cancers, you’re up shit creek without a paddle. But you can at least say that your heart was in the right place.

If you think that sounds wrong, you’re obviously not a liberal, because that is actually a good description of how liberals have been testing the effects of race mixing. Mass immigration by non-whites is an experiment on a huge scale with no controls whatsoever, and if it all goes horribly wrong the ordinary Whites of Europe and America, who never asked for or wanted the experiment to take place, will be left up shit creek without a paddle. It will be no consolation that many liberals will be sharing the canoe with them. Other liberals, with the money to buy their way out of a self-created disaster, may be able to flee somewhere still safe like Iceland or the far north of Canada. If so, then maybe after a few years, when the memories of massacre and rape by non-whites have begun to fade, their crazy liberal religion will re-assert itself and they’ll begin agitating for more “diversity” in the hideously White societies that surround them.

That’s why the native Whites of Iceland and northern Canada, if they have any sense, will arrest those fleeing liberals as soon as they step off the plane and deport them straight back where they came from: the racially mixed hell-holes their criminal ideas and actions helped create. After all, there’s no way the refugees could plead innocence or ignorance. The disastrous effects of mass immigration are already obvious now in the experiment that took place in the Pacific on the tiny island of Fiji. Europe and America are big places with many millions of White inhabitants. It will take a long time to destroy them completely with mass immigration, and the process has only just started. Fiji isn’t a big place and that’s why it’s already been destroyed. The old Fiji is now gone for ever, because the native Fijians are outnumbered by the offspring of Indian laborers imported under the British Empire. There’s huge racial trouble there and for once the old liberal whine is right: The disaster in Fiji is Whitey’s fault.

Or rather, it’s the fault of the ignorant, short-sighted White colonial politicians who ran Fiji and imported Hindu Indians without the consent of the island’s rightful owners. The same kind of politician imported Hindus from mainland India into Buddhist Sri Lanka and created another intractable racial conflict. Sri Lanka is where suicide bombing was invented before it was picked up by the Palestinians in their racial conflict with the Jews and then sent on to the London subway and the racial conflict between Whites and non-whites in Britain. In each case – Fiji, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Britain – a small group of politicians have ignored common sense and the lessons of history by allowing different races and religions to mix. In the case of Britain, their task was made easier by the lies of Jew-corrupted science and psychology about the realities of race and racial differences.

But there is some good news: Those lies are starting to crumble fast. Many of my readers will have heard about the new research into gene-variants underlying brain development. There are highly significant genetic differences between Whites and sub-Saharan blacks, for example, and those differences support race realism about differences between White and black intelligence. I’ve been reading liberal papers and watching liberal websites and very little has been said about this research, which is a sure sign of its significance. Liberals can’t attack the researcher as a racist because he’s Chinese, and though they may be able to delay the even more significant findings he’s said to have made, it really is only a matter of time before the religion of modern liberalism becomes extinct.

That’s because its cherished dogmas about race are being destroyed one by one. Science is on our side, not theirs, and even the most deluded of white liberals are starting to realize it. Those Jewish pseudo-scientists like Gould and Diamond, who knew the truth all along, are being exposed as the liars and charlatans they always were. They should thank their lucky stars that this scientific war won’t end in a trial for war crimes, because they’re guilty as hell and share a heavy responsibility for all the Whites raped, murdered, and beaten by non-whites in Europe and America since the crazy and criminal experiment of race mixing and mass immigration started back in the last century.


“Whatever advantage these genes give, some groups have it and some don’t. This has to be the worst nightmare for people who believe strongly there are no differences in brain function between groups,” says anthropologist John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, US.

A summary of research into brain evolution by the Chinese scientist Bruce Lahn.

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