Luke O’Farrell earlier today     13th January 2008

Infesting the West

Ethnic Invasion and the Crisis of Chrysocracy

Picture this. Five Asian friends, two of them women, venture into a white district of London after a night out. They’re spotted by whites, who begin hurling racial abuse. They ask the whites to be quiet and bang! a vicious gang assault is under way. Up to thirty whites swarm in, spewing race hate, kicking, punching, swinging machetes and other weapons. As one of the Asian men attempts to protect his female friends, he’s struck to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head. Next day, as he lies in intensive care, paralyzed down one side with serious brain injuries, the British media are boiling with horror and indignation. The innocent ethnic victims, battered, bruised and traumatized, are on every front page and every news bulletin. Government ministers condemn the attack and vow to re-double their efforts to stamp out the scourge of white racism. Slowly the chorus dies away, only to return as loud as ever when the white racists are put on trial for attempted murder in London’s famous Old Bailey.

Mary-Ann Leneghan, tortured, raped and murdered by non-whites Kriss Donald, murdered by non-whites WPC Sharon Beshenivsky, murdered by non-whites Richard Whelan, murdered by non-whites

Charlene Downes, murdered by non-whites Ian Page, murdered by non-whites Henry Webster, viciously assaulted by non-whites

Peter Woodhams, murdered by non-whites Isiah Young-Sam, murdered by non-whites

Nobodies: the numerous victims of non-white crime

Yes, that’s how it would have gone if whites had attacked innocent Asians like that. Only they didn’t: the crime I’ve described really happened, but it was Asians attacking innocent whites. Yawn. Who cared? The initial attack got almost no coverage, the just-ended trial in the Old Bailey got little more and soon the case will be sent where it belongs: into the memory-hole. Right now the BBC are trying to spin away the truth:

John Payne was walking home with friends after a night out when he was brutally attacked, kicked and punched in the head and body, his attackers also wielding knives, machetes and metal bars. Throughout the sustained assault, which left him partially paralysed, a gang of young Bangladeshis hurled racial abuse at John’s group. Nearly two years on, John still can’t walk properly, suffers flashbacks and epileptic fits. It is still not clear what pushed Sodrul Islam, Delawar Hussain and Mamoon Hussain to set upon John Payne. What is clear is this: this was their estate and John and his friends were not welcome. (BBC News, 11th January 2008)

Got that? Asians hurling racial abuse attack a white, but it’s not clear “what pushed” them to do it. Not to the dishonest liberal who wrote that article, anyway. Well, it was hatred of whites, of course, as encouraged 24/7 by dishonest liberals. And look at the attempt to deny personal responsibility to the Asian criminals: they didn’t set upon an innocent white of their own free will, no, some mysterious outside force “pushed” them to set upon an innocent white – or rather, five innocent whites, including two women. Even when the liberal anti-white media report ethnic crime against whites, they still try to weasel their way out of the truth. But their ideal is to give it as little coverage as possible. That’s what has happened with other horrific cases: the kidnap and incineration of fifteen-year-old Kriss Donald by Asians in 2004; the torture, rape and murder of sixteen-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan by blacks in 2005; the murder of fourteen-year-old Charlene Downes, sexually exploited and disposed of by a Jordanian and an Iranian in 2003; and the attempted murder of sixteen-year-old Henry Webster, left with serious brain injuries after a sixteen-to-one assault by Asians in 2007.

The last two cases have macabre twists that should have had the media climbing all over them: Charlene Downes’ body is rumored to have been turned into kebabs and Henry Webster was attacked with a hammer while he was at school, after adult Asians were whistled up by cell phone and text message. But to understand what is really going on, you have to remember that it isn’t just white victims who get ignored. Look at Isiah Young-Sam, a black murdered by Asians during a race riot in 2005. That murder was premeditated and arose from long-standing communal hatred. It was a big news-story, but it was almost completely ignored and is now long forgotten by the liberal media.

Worthy black victim Anthony Walker    Worthy black victim Stephen Lawrence

Saints and martyrs: the rare victims of white-on-ethnic crime

Compare the coverage given to the murders of the blacks Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker. Those murders weren’t premeditated and didn’t reflect long-standing communal hatred, but they had the magic ingredient for big media attention: they were committed by whites! The conclusion is clear. The media do not care about racism or about non-white suffering: they care only about hammering Honky. They invert the truth about racism in Britain, pretending that whites are its chief perpetrators when in fact they’re its chief victims. Non-whites are still a minority here, but they commit most of the “race crime”:

Racism and race crime redefined

Until the mid-nineties, the government’s British Crime Survey only asked ethnic minority groups whether they had been the victim of a crime which was racially motivated. Since then, all victims are asked and the picture has changed dramatically. The most recent analysis shows that in 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities (BME) said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime. In the same period, 92,000 white people said they had also fallen victim. Focusing on violent racial attacks, 49,000 BME were victims. Among whites, the number was 77,000. Of those that involved wounding 4,000 were BME. Among the white population it was 20,000. The numbers can be highly misleading, though. Since about 90% of people in Britain are white, the statistics actually show the risk of being a victim of race crime is significantly greater if you are from an ethnic minority. According to the most recent Home Office analysis, the chances for a white person is less than 1%. For Black and Asian people it is put at about 1%. (BBC News, 8th November 2006)

Mark Easton, BBC Home Affairs editor

Mark Easton: a lying and laughing Jew?

Mark Easton, the BBC “Home affairs” editor who wrote that piece, is either crooked or mathematically illiterate or both. I also strongly suspect he’s Jewish. If there were more “BME victims” than white ones, as you would expect in a white-majority nation, he would have stressed the absolute numbers. In fact, we have the astonishing situation in which the non-white 10% commit most of the race crime in the UK: a massive 80% of the woundings, for example. So Easton has to pretend that relative risk of being attacked is more important. It isn’t: it’s a consequence of the fact that non-whites are still in the minority. If non-whites were 90% of the population instead and both groups were committing race crime at the same rate, the risk for whites would rocket far above “about 1%”, while the risk for non-whites would plummet to far less. And that’s making two false assumptions: first, that non-whites won’t behave worse as they gain the upper hand; and second, that all race crime against “BMEs” is committed by whites. It isn’t. One of the joys of diversity in modern Britain is that it’s created vicious and intractable conflict not just between whites and non-whites, but also between different sets of non-whites: blacks against Asians, Somalis against Afro-Caribbeans, Muslims against Hindus, Hindus against Sikhs, Sikhs against Muslims, et cetera ad nauseam. So non-whites will often be the victims of race crime by other non-whites.

Will the media discuss this? Will they point out that whites will suffer even more in the future, as the non-white population grows? Nope. Their agenda is clear: Hammer Honky. And by constantly portraying whites as racist oppressors, they’re inciting non-whites to more and worse crimes against us. The race crime statistics quoted above aren’t misleading just because BMEs are attacking each other, but also because a lot of race crime against whites isn’t recorded as such. When the white Christopher Yates was kicked to death by Asians in a completely unprovoked attack in 2005, it wasn’t recorded as a race crime despite clear evidence to the contrary. One of the murderers said afterwards in Urdu: “We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.” How many times has our corrupt legal system rejected similar clear evidence of racial motive? How many times do non-whites attack whites for racial reasons without giving clear evidence or any evidence at all? But when a white attacks a non-white, the default assumption for the legal system and media alike is that Evil White Racism is at work yet again. It’s also the default assumption for non-white crime and poverty. Innocent ethnics can’t help themselves: they’re driven to crime and failure by Evil White Racism. It follows inexorably, therefore, that the only way to free non-whites in Britain from oppression is to topple whites from power – to turn them into a minority here and put power in the hands of their non-white victims.

Robert Mugabe, black dictator of Zimbabwe Peter Hain, Labour politician and anti-apartheid activist

The mass-murderer and the man who put him in power:
L-R: Marxist Robert Mugabe and anti-racist Peter Hain

After all, look how well that strategy has worked in Zimbabwe! Blacks were groaning in misery under white oppression; Western liberals rallied to their cause, toppled racist white Rhodesia and installed the Marxist Robert Mugabe as president. According to Peter Hain, a Labour minister (as of this writing) who worked as hard as any to defeat white fascism in Rhodesia and South Africa, Benevolent Bob Mugabe “did much to benefit his country in the early years of his government.” Mugabe came into power in 1980. By 1985, he’d murdered up to 30,000 of his tribal enemies in Matabeleland. Since then he’s got on to bigger and better things, really upping the death toll in Zimbabwe under his genuinely fascist government. Peter Hain, who worked so hard to put him into power, hasn’t hesitated to criticize him for destroying that shimmering liberal dream of a rainbow nation where all races could live together in peace and prosperity. Still, Hain continues to work hard for that liberal dream in the UK, though he might be a bit distracted at the moment, because he’s fighting off serious allegations about donations to his campaign for deputy leadership of the Labour party.

Tony and Cherie Blair

Laughing all the way to the bank:
Race-traitors Tony and Cherie Blair

And guess what? Hain’s honeypot was filled by members of Britain’s richest and pushiest ethnic minority. There’s Willie Nagel, a Jewish diamond broker who ran into controversy under the Tory government in 1990s and, understandably enough, tried to avoid the limelight this time by donating to the Labour Hain through the Progressive Policies Forum – which some are unkindly describing as a “slush fund.” There’s also Isaac Kaye, a Jewish pharmaceutical entrepreneur accused of a £400m ($800m) price-fixing fraud against the National Health Service. And get this: Kaye cosied up to South Africa’s ruling National Party under apartheid. Yet here he is donating money to that anti-apartheid warrior Peter Hain! Before that, he donated heavily to Tony Blair, another stern opponent of apartheid. A cynic might suggest that Kaye and Nagel have been buying the favors of whoever is in power, because they know they’ll get a massive return on their investment.

Well, if you aren’t cynical about Jews, you really ought to open your eyes. Britain is not a democracy, but a chrysocracy: we have rule by Jewish gold, not by the goyish majority. Hugely wealthy and selfish Jews buy corrupt politicians, which allows them to make more money to buy corrupt politicians. In office and out, British politicians, like their European and American counterparts, are paid to betray their own race. The recently retired Tony Blair, for example, has just picked up a $1,000,000 non-job at JPMorgan Chase. If Britain were a democracy, it would be hugely puzzling that mass immigration by non-whites, opposed by the white majority for so long, could ever have started, let alone continued for decades, filling British cities with violent, corrupt, white-hating Third Worlders. But Britain is a Jewish chrysocracy, so mass immigration isn’t puzzling at all. Nor are our rabidly anti-white media and ever-harshening race laws, which have destroyed free speech in one of the nations that invented it.

A wasp-nest the letters ‘vs,’ meaning ‘versus’ Windswept by John William Waterhouse

It’s Whites or Wasps – we can’t have both

Jews are rather like guests who want to take over a house owned by whites. So they start telling the whites how friendly and peaceful wasps are and how much delicious honey wasps produce. Then they start installing wasp-nests. When one of the whites brushes a nest and gets badly stung, the Jewish guests start shrieking: “It’s your fault! You’re a vespist! You’re prejudiced against those peaceful, productive wasps!” And the white foolishly feels guilty and apologizes, while the Jews bring in yet more wasp-nests. Another of the whites complains that the wasps aren’t producing any honey and is arrested in a dawn raid by the police. “It’s your fault the wasps aren’t making honey!” the Jews shriek. Whites start to leave the house, but they find that Jewish guests have been at work everywhere else, installing wasp-nests and making whites feel guilty for being stung and for preventing the wasps from making any honey.

That’s the situation in the West today. Our cities are filling with vicious, unproductive ethnic wasps who are attacking us with the active encouragement of our bought media and government. As our numbers fall and their numbers rise, we’re being stung to death. So the choice is clear. It’s Whites or Wasps: we can’t have both.


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