Luke O’Farrell earlier today     20 OCTOBER 2005

Jewlius Caesar

He Came, He Saw, He Censored

If you want to spend more time working, you’ll have to spend less time playing. And vice versa. That’s the way time works: what you increase here, you have to lose there. At first glance, freedom shouldn’t work like that. Just because you have more sexual freedom, you shouldn’t have to have less political freedom. In theory, you should be able to have more of both.

In practice, it hasn’t worked like that. As sexual freedom has increased in Western societies, political freedom has diminished. In 1928 a lesbian novel called The Well of Loneliness was prosecuted in Britain for obscenity. One reviewer commented:

I would rather give a healthy boy or a healthy girl a phial of prussic acid than this novel. Poison kills the body, but moral poison kills the soul.

But anyone who is now eager to read The Well of Loneliness should be warned: You’ll be very disappointed. This is as explicit as the novel gets:

And that night they were not divided.

By the end of the twentieth century, anyone looking for hot lesbian love action in Britain would not be disappointed. It’s not just written about but photographed and filmed in minute and highly explicit detail, and the police don’t blink an eye. After all, some of them are too busy viewing it themselves. The same goes for homosexuality. In 1928 men got sent to prison for practising it; in 2005 there are openly declared homosexuals in Parliament and the police force, and homosexual pornography is freely available in every part of the country. Sexual freedom has increased hugely over the past eighty years.

But political freedom hasn’t increased to match it. In 1928 you could criticize non-whites and non-Christian religions freely in Britain; in 2005 there are laws against “homophobia” and “incitement to racial hatred”, and the government wants to extend them to cover “religious hatred.” You can watch or practise as much lesbianism or inter-racial sex as you like, but if you criticize lesbianism or inter-racial sex, you could soon find yourself in very serious trouble, like the owner of the Heretical website, Simon Sheppard. He published a political leaflet joking about Britain’s insane multi-racial experiment, and got sent to prison for it.

But he wouldn’t have been sent to prison for publishing multi-racial pornography. In Britain and other White nations, sexual freedom has gone up while political freedom has gone down. To understand the apparent paradox, you have to ask the age-old question: Cui bono? Who benefits? More sexual freedom means that British publishers can make huge sums of money by selling pornography like Spunk-Loving Sluts, Big & Black, Mega Boobs, and Fifty & Over. All those titles have made money for someone called Richard Desmond, who has had tea with our devoutly Christian Prime Minister Tony Blair and donated money to Blair’s Labour party. Is anyone surprised to learn that “Dirty Des” is a Jew?

No, I didn’t think so. It’s as unsurprising as the fact that laws against “racial hatred” were created by less famous Jews like Anthony Lester, Geoffrey Bindman and Olga Levertoff. More sexual freedom is good for Jews just as less political freedom is good for Jews. The former makes them money and keeps Whites distracted while their homeland is invaded by non-whites. The latter means that those Whites who protest against the invasion can be silenced and intimidated. Sexual freedom goes up, political freedom goes down. Cui bono? Jui bono! Who benefits? Jews do!

And of course, the sexual freedom they’ve “given” us isn’t what it seems. White men today have more and more freedom to look at unrealistic images of women’s bodies and less and less freedom in their dealings with real women. Fathers have their children taken away by the courts and often commit suicide after struggling to pay alimony. Unjust rape laws mean more innocent White men go to prison, where many of them are raped for real by blacks. Lawsuits for sexual “discrimination” and “harassment” are an ever-present threat to – and drain on – male-owned businesses.

Meanwhile the technology invented by White men – the printing press, radio, cinema, television, the internet – is used simultaneously to exploit their sexual instincts with porn and to wage a non-stop propaganda war against them. Women and non-whites incapable of understanding, let alone inventing, this technology use it 24/7 to attack White men and demand more and more power and money from them. But the real aims of feminism and anti-racism can be seen from South Africa. Now that the evil of Apartheid has been banished, the black version of civil society is flourishing there as many confidently predicted it would:

The South African Law Commission recently estimated that 1.69 million women a year were raped in the country but that only 52,000 cases a year are reported. Other estimates put the rate even higher. ... More than 40 per cent of those raped are children and nationally more than 65 per cent are gang rapes. (The Times, London, 8th June 2005)

Whether those figures include the female babies raped by blacks as a “cure” for AIDS I’m not sure; what I am sure is that the feminists and other liberals who shrieked and wailed about Apartheid will never protest about what blacks are doing there now. After all, it wouldn’t fit their anti-White-male religion and it might make people doubt the glorious all-singing, all-dancing multi-racial future that lies ahead for Western nations.

Me, I’ve doubted that glorious future for a long time and I’ve become more and more convinced the key to understanding life in the West is very simple. If it makes Jews happy, like porn, it’s bad for Whites. If it makes Jews unhappy, like genuine freedom of speech, it’s good for Whites. Websites like Heretical, where you can find genuine freedom of speech, may finally be wiping the grins off their ugly faces.


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