Luke O’Farrell earlier today     9th April 2006

The Joy of Genocide

Let’s Welcome a World-Wide White-Out!

In Douglas Adams’ five-part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, the ethical dilemmas of meat-eating are solved by breeding an animal that actually wants to be killed and eaten. Not only that, it will happily shoot itself for the greater convenience of human beings. That’s amusing (and thought-provoking) in fiction, but might not be amusing at all in real life. And Adams’ fictional animal does have a close equivalent in real life.

It’s called the White race. We are supposed not only to welcome our own extinction but to actively collaborate with it. After decades of Jewish brainwashing, many Whites are now lifting guns to their heads and waiting with big smiles for the order to pull the trigger. So read this and feel the joy:

Los Angeles witnessed the biggest public protest in its history over the weekend as hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators of all races thronged the downtown streets to demand justice and legal recognition for the country’s 12 million undocumented immigrant workers. The march was a stunning slap in the face for the country’s vocal anti-immigrant lobby and set the stage for what is likely to be an electric debate in the Senate this week. Helicopter footage of the march showed demonstrators packed into as many as two dozen city blocks around Los Angeles’s City Hall. Crowd estimates ranged from half a million to more than a million. The protesters chanted workers’ rights slogans in English and Spanish, waved flags from America, Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere, and showed the face of a joyously multicultural America very different from the predominantly white, often anger-tinged anti-immigration movement. (“Massive protest in LA over anti-immigration proposals”, The Independent, 27th March 2006)

Is a big smile cracking your face at the thought of Whites becoming an ever-shrinking minority in the United States? Whadja mean, “No”? What are you – some kinda evil racist? Well, I very much hope that you are an evil racist, just like me. I would hate to see the United States lose its White majority even if my homeland, the British Isles, were secure – and as we all know, it isn’t. The same Jew-invented plagues are ravaging White nations on both sides of the Atlantic, as the following story demonstrates:

Judge rapped over boy’s race case

A judge who said a legal case against a 10-year-old boy over alleged racism was “political correctness gone mad” has been criticised by a teaching union. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said Judge Jonathan Finestein was “out of date” in his attitude. The boy from Manchester [is] accused of racially abusing a fellow pupil. On adjourning the case until 20 April, [Judge Finestein] asked prosecutors to reconsider whether the case was in the public interest. However Judith Elderkin, NUT National Executive member, said the judge should have taken the allegation of racism more seriously. She added that she thought he was “out of date” with the way issues are dealt with in schools today. The boy is accused of abusing an 11-year-old pupil [with] names including “Paki, nigger and Bin Laden.”

But Judge Finestein said he thought the decision to prosecute the youngster was “crazy” and urged the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider its decision. The judge said when he was at school he was repeatedly called “fat”, but in those days the headmaster would have just given the children a “good clouting” and sent them on their way. “Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness?” he said in court. “Nobody is more against racist abuse than me but these are boys in a playground; this is nonsense. I think somebody should consider reversing the decision to prosecute.” A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said the force took all crimes seriously and was totally opposed to any racism. (BBC News, 7th April 2006)

I wonder if a White judge would have dared to question this lunacy – though we should note that Jew Judge Finestein doesn’t question the principle of “anti-racism”, just its excessive use in this particular case. As for the National Union of Teachers and Greater Manchester Police: the former has been Marxist for decades and the latter is rapidly joining it. At one time you could have looked to the British Conservative party to stand up for sanity in cases like this, but now it’s competing hard for the “center ground.” That’s the lying term for the anti-White, anti-male, anti-heterosexual policies that would once have been regarded as left-wing lunacy by everyone but communists. Mainstream political parties once had to woo the White electorate; now they have to woo the Jews and their liberal dupes in the mass media. Here’s David Cameron, the dynamic new Tory leader, going for the J-spot in conversation with a BBC journalist:

We should celebrate the fact that we live in a multi-racial country, where all the different communities make a massive contribution to our success. My area is fantastically multi-ethnic and a vibrant, wonderful part of Britain. I often do my Saturday shopping off the Golborne Road, which must be one of the most multi-ethnic streets in Britain. (The Commission for Racial Equality’s Catalyst magazine, March 2006)

It’s now impossible to separate the so-called Conservatives from New Labour on race and immigration. The following words come from a speech by Tony Blair to the Australian parliament, but could just as easily have been spoken by David Cameron:

Britain and Australia have long since gotten over the fear that different ethnic groups damage our identity or put our cohesion at risk. Today we take pride in our diversity. We know tolerance, respect for others, and a basic way of life founded on democratic freedoms are held in common by the vast majority of our people, whatever their race or creed. (Speech by Tony Blair, 27th March 2006)

Blair’s lying, of course, as his own words prove. If we’d “long since” lost our fear, why bother to say so? It’s precisely because this fear is growing all the time – with very good reason – that Blair has to pretend it isn’t there. When we ask what has happened to British politics, the answer is simple. White race-traitors like Shameron and Bliar now think, talk and act like Jews. As a race of parasites, Jews hate mono-racial, mono-cultural societies, which find it far too easy to recognize and counter their parasitism and general obnoxiousness. A fractured, racially mixed society, on the other hand, suits them just fine. They stand out less and the inevitable conflicts enable them to suck blood with less fear of disturbance.

Here’s that age-old Jewish strategy – set fear to the house and pick the pockets of both the rescuers and the victims – being gloated over by the Jewish son-of-a-’vitch David Aaronvitch, a former communist who now supports NuLiebour and writes for The Times of London:

Hands Up – Who Wants British Society To Be As White As Narvik In January?

To judge by the Stiklestad festival most Norwegians live very comfortably and are almost absurdly law-abiding. They are also all white. Over the four days there and in Trondheim I saw thousands and thousands of Norwegians and liked them immensely as a group. But in all that time I only saw one dark face – one little boy as he tried his hand at archery – and the only immigrant I met was a German silversmith now living in Tromso. Nothing could be more different from the Babel of London than this homogeneous society where someone from Oslo stands out, let alone someone from Cairo.

Such a prospect pleases some people now. But even suppose you could turn the date back to 1950 and a British society as white as Narvik in January, and as Christian as St Olav’s tomb, is that really what we would want? The play in Stiklestad has been performed since the year that I was born. In the programme there were photographs of performances going back to 1954. In all that time the only thing that has really changed has been the position of the orchestra. Otherwise the characters look the same, the set is the same, even the tree-trunk where the blind man sits is in the same position. A country like Britain can’t be like that. I’d rather we continued to be dynamic and ever-changing. (The Times, London, 2nd August 2005)

Aaronovitch asks a question that only Jews and other non-whites can sanely answer in the negative. But Britain is now so corrupt that millions of Whites would answer in the negative too. No, we don’t want British society to be as white as Narvik in January! We Whites want Jews – who like us immensely as a group – to shower us with more ever-changing dynamism and more of the blessings of diversity. We want more suicide-bombers on our trains and buses, more sixteen-year-old White girls raped, tortured and murdered by black savages, and more murder, gang-rape, mugging and ethnic cleansing of Whites in our cities as we move inevitably to the day when we’re a minority on these islands and the fun can really begin.

White traitors like Tony Blair and George Bush are collaborating with this wipe-out of Whites every Jew-directed inch of the way. Like David Cameron and his predecessor Margaret Thatcher, Bush is supposed to be a conservative but the only things he’s really interested in conserving – and increasing – are the power of Jews and big business and the size of his own bank balance. Conservatives are supposed to believe in tradition and the wisdom of past ages. Well, if there’s one thing tradition and past ages tell us over and over again, it’s that Jews are poison. Anti-Semitism is the “longest hatred” because it has appeared whenever and wherever Jews have come into contact with Gentiles.

In 1290, for example, Edward I of England expelled Jews en masse from his kingdom. Their reaction to this hateful and hurtful act, as to the many other expulsions they experienced from White Christian nations, was to work ceaselessly to get back in again. It’s the reaction of a parasite deprived of its host, not that of an independent and self-supporting race. Although Christianity may have been created by Jews as a weapon against Whites, it escaped their control and then kept them safely in quarantine for many centuries. Nowadays it’s largely back under their control, but what happened once can happen again. Thanks to their arrogance and meddling, Jews have unleashed forces they can’t control and the future may be bright – and White – after all.


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