Luke O’Farrell earlier today     14th August 2006

Going for Goldsmith

The Charge of the Kike Brigade

“The Jewish race is the cancer of human history.” It’s impossible to imagine any author who expressed such a vile sentiment being laden with honors throughout his or her career. No, it’s the sort of thing that would end a career and in Britain or Europe might easily lead to prosecution for “race hate.” But make one small change and everything becomes all right. The Jewish writer Susan Sontag (née Rosenblatt) wrote in the 1960s that: “The white race is the cancer of human history.” It didn’t end her career, alas, and when she died in 2004, laden with honors, she was lavished with praise by such anti-racist luminaries as Christopher “Half-Hebe” Hitchens and Salman “Pure Paki” Rushdie. But why did Sontag say such a thing?

You might as well ask why scorpions sting, termites gnaw and fleas suck blood. Attacking and undermining the majority of any society they find themselves in is an age-old instinct for Jews, and Sontag was Jewish to the max. Lots of right-wingers attacked her after her death, but so did one left-winger: a lesbian academic and former acolyte called Terry Castle:

Sontag started in on a monologue (one I’d heard before) about her literary reputation. It had “fallen” slightly over the past decade, she allowed – foolishly, people had yet to grasp the greatness of her fiction – but of course it would rise again dramatically, “as soon as I am dead.” The same thing had happened, after all, to Virginia Woolf, and didn’t we agree Woolf was a great genius? In a weak-minded attempt at levity, I said: “Do you really think Orlando is a work of genius?” She then exploded. “Of course not!” she shouted, hands flailing and face white with rage. “Of course not! You don’t judge a writer by her worst work! You judge her by her best work!” (“Desperately Seeking Susan”, London Review of Books, 17th March 2005)

Similar stories have been told of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Betty Friedan, Ayn Rand and a host of other very famous and influential Jews. In fact, their megalomania and egocentricity explain why they became so famous and influential with their bad and corrupting ideas, while countless Whites with good ideas were pushed into the shadows. The pushy Jew is as true to life as the dishonest Jew. And speaking of pushy, dishonest Jews brings me to the man who authorized “race hate” charges to be brought against Simon Sheppard and myself: the Jewish Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, Britain’s chief lawyer. After our arrest in April, I wrote him an open letter that ran as follows:

Shalom Lord Goldsmith!

You have been described as “the slipperiest lawyer in a government of slippery lawyers” by Danny Kruger of The Daily Telegraph. Well done! However, something slipped your net during the legalized theft of my computer equipment: a 3.5” data disc labeled “iWheelWorks – 1-Wheel 3-Button.” It contains instructions for a home-made nuclear weapon and the full text of all truthful speeches made by Tony Blair since he entered politics. If you send me the postage, I’ll get it to you ASAP. [He didn’t send the postage.]

Lord Goldsmith: ‘The slipperiest lawyer in a government of slippery lawyers’

Peter Henry Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith:
“The slipperiest lawyer in a government of slippery lawyers.”

Why did Danny Kruger call Goldie that? Well, in March this year it emerged that Sir Ian Blair, the Head of the Metropolitan Police in London, had covertly recorded a telephone conversation with Goldie. In other words, Britain’s chief policeman didn’t trust Britain’s chief lawyer as far as he could throw him. But would you? Both Jews and lawyers have very poor reputations for honesty; combine the two to make a Jewish lawyer and you really have something special. Goldie was at the heart of the lies and deceit that led Britain into the Iraq war and poses yet another dilemma for the conservatives who love Jews and hate Tony Blair. If Blair’s such a vile wretch, why is he supported all the way by noble Jews like Goldsmith, Levy and Mandelson?

The answer is simple: because the vile wretch Blair is working for our noble Jews, like the vile wretch Bush in America. The consequences of Jewish control of America and Britain are increasingly obvious. We stir up Muslim hatred by fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East, then have to fight off terrorist attacks at home because Jews have brought Muslims and other aliens flooding in to weaken the White majority. To silence protests against this invasion, they’re steadily gnawing away at the First Amendment in the United States and they successfully introduced “race hate” law in Britain. That’s how Goldie, “the slipperiest lawyer in a government of slippery lawyers”, has been able to send the Heretical Hezbollah to court on charges of “incitement to racial hatred.”

But even as I was being “processed” inside a secure police station for the crime of peacefully expressing my opinions, I had a glimpse of what was going on outside in vibrant multi-cultural Britain. Having been photographed and had my DNA taken for permanent record, I was introduced to a computerized fingerprint-machine linked to the Police National Computer. At the end of the session, the screen flashed briefly with the names and locations of other dangerous criminals being fingerprinted at the same time. I didn’t have time to read properly but the screen seemed to be full of ethnic names and certainly the name directly above mine was ethnic – probably that of a jigaboo.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the Jew-blighted Kingdom: sliding into the abyss of racial destruction while those who peacefully point out the truth are taken to court under laws introduced by the Jews responsible for the whole disaster. The Heretical website doesn’t have the huge budget, staff and audience of organizations like the BBC and Commission for Racial Equality. What makes it dangerous is that it speaks the truth about race while the BBC and CRE tell lies from a Jewish script: that “Diversity is our Strength”; that we “need” immigrants; that the only thing standing between us and multi-culti Race Paradise is “white racism.”

But lies can’t and won’t hold reality at bay for ever. It was Lord Cardigan who led the Light Brigade galloping into one of the famous military disasters in history. Lord Goldsmith led the Kike Brigade as they galloped Britain into what will go down as infinitely greater disasters: the Iraq war and the dismantling of Britain’s already feeble immigration controls. It’s Goldie and the Jewish puppet Tony Blair who should be going to court, but whether or not they end up there, history will be their judge and its sentence will be far harsher than anything it hands out to the two of us.


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