Luke O’Farrell earlier today     6 DECEMBER 2005

Memory and Oblivion

Media Double-Standards to Instill White Guilt

Picture the following scenario. Somewhere in Britain or America a gang of White racists go cruising the streets in search of a random non-white victim. They find one: a fifteen-year-old schoolboy who’s dragged terrified into their car. The White racists drive away with him to a quiet place where he’s beaten and stabbed thirteen times with a knife, pleading for mercy all the while. Finally, the White racists tire of their game and take their victim, battered and bleeding profusely, for disposal on some wasteland. He’s stripped, doused in gasoline and set on fire. His naked corpse is later found in a patch of mud where he managed to crawl in his final agony-filled moments in search of water to put out the flames.

Now, if that happened anywhere in Britain or America, certain things would follow as sure as night follows day or Jews follow power and money:

• The national media would shriek with horror and outrage as long and loudly as possible.

• The innocence and youth of the victim, the evil cruelty with which his promising life has been cut short, and the grief of his family and friends would be emphasized again and again.

• When the main coverage finally stopped, the media would regularly return to the story with news of the hunt for the murderers, their arrest, the continued suffering of the victim’s friends and family, etc, etc.

• The eventual trial would be followed in detail and all the horrors of the crime prominently repeated.

• The guilty verdict and sentencing of the White racists would be the leading item in TV, newspapers and the internet that day and commentators would muse at length on how to overcome the scourge of White racism.

• The victim’s name and exhaustive details of his death and suffering would be entered in the Holy Book of Minority Martyrs and regularly re-appear in the media in coming years.

Yep, all that would surely happen, but there is one equally sure way of turning it all off like a tap. Everything I described in the first paragraph happened to a fifteen-year-old schoolboy in Scotland in 2004. He was kidnapped at random by racists, tortured and murdered in exactly the way I described, but the media gave very little coverage to the story and his name is now almost unknown in the rest of Britain. Why? It’s obvious: because Kriss Donald, the victim of that horrific crime, was White and the gang of hate-filled racists who tortured and murdered him were brown Pakistani Muslims.

Compare a black victim called Anthony Walker, who was killed with an axe in a less horrific and premeditated way by two Whites in Liverpool. He died almost instantly and suffered relatively little, but because he was black and his murderers were White he received the overwhelming media coverage outlined above. Here are the search results for the two names at

Kriss Donald: 1 (one)

Anthony Walker + Liverpool: 261

Here are the search results at (The Guardian is Britain’s biggest liberal newspaper):

Kriss Donald: 26

Anthony Walker + Liverpool: 112

Remember that Kriss Donald was murdered in March 2004, well over a year ago, Anthony Walker in July 2005, only five months ago. If you want to know what will happen next, look at the search results for the black victim Stephen Lawrence, murdered in April 1993 and the subject of a long-running propaganda campaign against police “racism.” There are 14,600 references to him on The Guardian ’s website. Anthony Walker, the worthy black victim, will follow him into permanent memory, while Kriss Donald, the unworthy White victim, will disappear into oblivion like many other unworthy White victims, including Chris Yates, a White kicked to death in a completely unprovoked attack in 2005 by Pakistanis, who boasted of their crime: “That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.”

Worthy black victim Anthony Walker    Worthy black victim Stephen Lawrence

Ugly blacks: Worthy victims permanently remembered

Unworthy White victim Kriss Donald    Unworthy White victim Chris Yates

Whites: Unworthy victims soon forgotten

But if you want to understand to understand why Kriss Donald died, you have to look at the Stephen Lawrence propaganda campaign and the way it tied the hands of the police in Scotland. In November 2004, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) marked St Andrew’s Day, the memorial day of Scotland’s national saint, with their regular “anti-racism rally.” They couldn’t ignore the Kriss Donald murder, because the trial of one of his killers had just ended, so they lied about what it meant. Here are the words of STUC’s General Secretary, Bill Speirs:

Scotland was built on diversity and our multi-cultural society is something that enriches and strengthens us and should be celebrated. (BBC News, 27th November 2004)

Well, let’s have a look at what a senior police officer has to say about the way this “multi-cultural society” has enriched and strengthened the law in Scotland (note that “Asian” is the British term for Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians):


In my view, crime within Glasgow’s Asian community has been allowed to grow unfettered for years because the police have been afraid to fight it in case they are accused of racism. It was this basic failure to act that created the conditions which allowed the murder of Kriss Donald to happen. This inactivity and its deadly consequences stemmed not from the attitude of officers on the street, but from the craven approach of their bosses to race-relations. For years now, a “softly, softly” attitude towards crime in the ethnic community has prevailed – a disastrous policy born of the excessive interference of politicians. The simple truth for senior officers is that they are not going to win that longed-for promotion or the coveted knighthood if they upset the local politicians who control the police boards.

So the attitude among Scotland’s police hierarchy is: “Be careful not to upset the ethnic community – they may start complaining.” [O]n the South Side of Glasgow there is a significant group of young Asian men, mostly between 15 and 30, who are simply out of control. They believe they are beyond the law. They are heavily involved in drug-dealing and crimes such as fraud. They are very aware the police are reluctant to challenge them in anything less than the most extreme circumstances for fear of being branded as racist.

Police in Strathclyde [the west central region of Scotland that contains Glasgow] are no strangers to being let down by their commanders when it comes to tough decisions involving the Asian community. In 2001, South Side residents were dismayed to learn of the closure of a local swimming pool. A peaceful demonstration was hijacked by local youths, many of them Asian. Police officers were refused permission to defend themselves when they were attacked by this group. They were ordered to stand in line while the youths were given free licence to bombard them with stones, rotten fruit and plastic bags full of urine. A number of officers were injured, at least one seriously. Few arrests were made.

I spoke to a number of officers afterwards and most believed their commanders had failed in their duty to protect them because they feared a political backlash that would damage their careers. This attitude has been fuelled by Scotland’s burgeoning race relations industry and by a climate of intense political correctness. Barely a week goes by now without a new report on some aspect of race relations. Many of our institutions, primarily the police, have been regularly criticised. But the response from police chiefs has been to try to avoid criticism by turning a blind eye to ethnic crime. This growing unwillingness to tackle such crime has meant that the public are increasingly getting a raw deal. (“Why Police Are Afraid to Tackle Asian Crime”, Mike Liddell, Former Strathclyde Police chief inspector, Scottish Daily Mail, 19th November 2004)

Here again are the words of the anti-racist campaigner Bill Speirs:

Scotland was built on diversity and our multi-cultural society is something that enriches and strengthens us and should be celebrated. (BBC News, 27th November 2004)

He was lying through his teeth (as anyone even slightly familiar with Scottish history would already know). When you look at the people he works with you understand why he lied: co-signatories to a letter he wrote about Kriss Donald to the Glasgow Daily Record included:

• Socialist Workers Party member Mark Brown of the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees.

• Charlotte Ahmed of the Anti-Nazi League (ANaL), a front for the Socialist Workers Party.

• The “anti-racist” lawyer Aamer Anwar, once an “organizer” for ANaL.

• Trotskyist Robina Qureshi of Positive Action in Housing, a “black-led housing agency that works for racial equality in housing and asylum rights.”

• Mohammed Naveen Asif of the Glasgow Refugee Action Group and the Scottish Afghan Society.

Looking at left-wing politics in Scotland is like taking a trip down a sewer in a glass submarine. The barely disguised agenda of these people is the destruction of White society and power for themselves in the socialist police-state that follows. In 1999 someone called Mick McGahey died. He had been the communist leader of the National Union of Mineworkers in Scotland during the days of that mass-murdering socialist police-state known as the Soviet Union. This is how Bill Speirs paid tribute to him:

Speaking for the Scottish TUC, general secretary Bill Speirs said: “It is a measure of the man that as a communist and a leader of the miners in some of their bitterest struggles, he maintained the respect not only of his people but also his opponents. Those of us privileged to know and love Mick are feeling lost tonight.” (“NUM Giant Dies”, BBC News, January 31, 1999)

People like Bill Speirs and his allies are not interested in justice or equality but in power for themselves. Their campaigns against “racism” and for “refugees” are designed to create the conditions that will allow them to come to power, and one very important part of those campaigns is the instilling of guilt in Britain’s Whites. That’s why the rare black victims of White murderers are given as much attention as possible and the numerous White victims of black or brown murderers are given as little attention as possible. The constant message is: “Whites are evil and must not defend themselves against the invasion of their nation by non-whites, who are pure, innocent and holy.”

There is a systematic campaign under way by Jews and their deluded, traitorous or self-interested White and non-white allies to dispossess and destroy the Whites of Europe, North America and Australasia. They want to fill us with guilt and self-hatred about our history and our “racism” to stop us resisting their theft of White nations. Understanding what they’re doing is a vital first step to fighting back, so the next time you hear or read about the non-white victim of a “racist” murder, remember this: the media are trying to brainwash you into accepting your own destruction. Don’t let them do it.


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