Luke O’Farrell earlier today     27th January 2008

Sharks in the Dark

Biting Whitey in Feminihilism and Finance

What drives feminists? Concern for women or concern for themselves? Thirst for truth and justice or hunger for power and money? The answers were supplied by a recent crime in London. A sixteen-year-old girl was dragged into an empty house, beaten and gang-raped by “five youths”, who then poured caustic soda on her body, trying to destroy DNA evidence. Caustic soda isn’t an acid, as some newspapers have reported, but it has similar effects: it dissolves flesh and causes excruciating pain. So that was the package dumped on feminists’ doorstep: extreme male brutality and callousness towards a defenseless female. Shrieks of horror and outrage duly rang out at... Well, not at The Guardian. The feminists there were washing their hair or something. Nor at The Independent. Maybe the sisterhood were too busy painting their nails. Nor at the BBC. I guess the Woman’s Hour gang were all darning their husbands’ socks. Bestial male violence – sound of feminist silence, that’s how it went.

The only prominent female journalist to touch the story was one Jan Moir at The Daily Telegraph, the most right-wing of Britain’s big newspapers. And that’s not saying much, these days. Political correctness has corrupted every mainstream institution in Britain, as you can see from Moir’s comment on something that will have been obvious to everyone who heard details of the crime: the race of the perpetrators:

Police sources say the 16-year-old will never fully recover from the injuries caused by the caustic soda and, at the time of writing, she remains under heavy sedation in a burns unit, fighting for her life. One could weep an ocean for this young woman, her life ruined by these savages, who hunted in a pack like animals and dragged her to an empty house, caring nothing for her wellbeing or future. Drain cleaner? The callous premeditation is shocking, and underlines the fact that some of the rootless delinquents who roam the London streets are now scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity. I’m almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as “five black youths”, in case you think I’m being racist in highlighting this crime. (The Daily Telegraph, 16th January 2008)

Whites in every Western nation have been trained to feel “embarrassed” about the truth: that our vibrant black minority are specialists in violent crime. From gang-rape to child-murder, black is bountiful, baby! Other non-whites are trying hard to match this black success story, but feminists, full of concern for women and children, stay resolutely silent, except when they join the rest of the left in blaming non-white crime on white racism. Yep, non-white rapists are puppets dancing on Evil Whitey’s strings, so the obvious solution is to keep non-whites well away from Whitey’s corrupting influence. It’s not obvious to feminists, though, who firmly support the mass immigration that means non-white violence against white women will not just continue, but get worse and worse. It also means that Muslims, not famous for their fem-ophilia, are getting more and more powerful in the West. Feminists say they want to help women – and work tirelessly to harm them. To understand this apparent paradox, you need to examine the origins of feminism. Look at its Big Mothers: megalomaniacs like Susan Estrich, Betty Friedan, Erica Jong, Susan Sontag and Gloria Steinem. Just as the black minority hugely outperform the white majority in acts of bestial violence, so another minority hugely outperform the white majority in rampant megalomania and ideological web-spinning:

Jewish women have played key roles in building and advancing the modern American women’s movement. As activists, professionals, artists, and intellectuals, Jewish feminists have shaped every aspect of American life. (Jewish Women’s Archive)

‘Petty’ Betty Friedan Gloria Steinem Susan Sontag at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 11/08/2003

Friedan fighters! Some important Jewish feminists:
L-R: Betty Friedan; Gloria Steinem; Susan Sontag

Feminism follows a Jewish agenda: demonize and destroy the white heterosexual male. If five white males had gang-raped a black female and thrown caustic soda on her body, The Guardian, Independent and BBC would have exploded with horror and indignation. It would have been a top news-story for days and politicians would have rushed to join in. The British prime minister Gordon Brown, perhaps with his fag-hag wife in tow, would have solemnly condemned the crime and vowed to fight the male evil that inspired it. But the rape wasn’t white-on-black, it was almost certainly black-on-white, like most gang-rapes in London – the others are Asian-on-white and black-on-black. So politicians and the liberal media weren’t interested. Our famously intellectual prime minister had higher concerns:

Gordon Brown found time to pay tribute to Konnie Huq as Blue Peter’s longest-serving female presenter signed off after a decade of shark diving and scandals. Ms Huq, 32, outlasted Valerie Singleton on the BBC children’s show. Tony Blair invited her to Downing Street for his farewell interview. Her last show concluded with a recorded tribute from Mr Blair’s successor. Mr Brown said: “Konnie, thank you so much. You’ve done brilliantly.” (The Times, 23rd January 2008)

The Blue Peter badge Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister

Singing the blues: The cerebral Gordon Brown

So Brown didn’t utter a syllable about an appalling gang-rape, but he found time in his extremely busy schedule to celebrate the career of a non-white woman on a children’s television show. Brown has also just promised £825m ($1,650m) in aid to India, buying non-white votes in Britain by helping non-whites overseas. He’s following the same Jewish agenda as the feminists: elevate ethnics, whip Whitey! Like American politics, British politics is run on Jewish money and the results are plain to see. There have been three big scandals about “donations” in the past two years and members of the tiny Jewish minority have been at the heart of every one. First it was the pushy “Lord” Levy and his chums from Jewish Care, then the pushy Peter Abrahams and his Labour Friend of Israel Jon Mendelsohn. Now it’s the pushy Willie Nagel and Isaac Kaye:

L-R: Honorary President of the Diamond Exchange Shmuel Schnitzer; Willie Nagel; Diamond Exchange President Avi Paz

L-R: Hon. President of the Diamond Exchange Shmuel Schnitzer; Willie Nagel; D.E. President Avi Paz

The international diamond merchant Willie Nagel, one of the key backers of Peter Hain’s campaign for the Labour deputy leadership, was embroiled in a political funding controversy a decade ago that involved his links to the former prime minister John Major. The businessman, who gave Mr Hain’s campaign a £35,000 [$70,000] interest-free loan on top of a £5,000 [$10,000] donation, was embroiled in a row after donating £20,000 [$40,000] to Mr Major’s constituency association. The Independent revealed in 1997 that Mr Nagel had tried to interest the Prime Minister in an unmanned aircraft developed by Israel, despite an embargo on Israeli equipment at the time. Mr Nagel, 83, whose diamond-trading business has offices in Antwerp, Bangkok, Mumbai, New York and Tel Aviv, had offered sponsorship for party events after the Conservatives’ 1992 election victory. He wrote to Mr Major suggesting he pass on details of the unmanned aircraft to the relevant government department. In 1992, Norma Major, the Prime Minister’s wife, was reported to have viewed diamonds at his office in London. Mr Nagel arranged Wimbledon finals tickets for Mr Major’s agent, Peter Brown, in 1992 and even telephoned Mr Major at home in 1994. But their relationship appeared to hit difficulties.

Diamond Exchange President Avi Paz

A further study of Avi Paz

A note to Mr Major from the Huntingdon Conservative Association at the time pointed out that Mr Nagel’s friends included “diplomats, industrialists and prominent members of the Jewish community.” But it went on: “His persistence along with his ability never to take no for an answer is wearing in the extreme, which is part of the cause of the relationship souring.” However, relations improved and the businessman was invited on a trade mission to Israel in 1995. Mr Nagel also forged links with Margaret Thatcher, once reportedly joking “even Mrs Thatcher listened to me”... Mr Nagel came to know Mr Hain through his work establishing the so-called Kimberley Process to stem the flow of “blood diamonds” from conflict zones in 2003, when Mr Hain was a minister at the Foreign Office. Mr Nagel said last week that he respected Mr Hain’s work “both nationally and internationally.” Mr Nagel provided £30,000 [$60,000] for the Progressive Policy Forum (PPF), the controversial think-tank at the heart of the Hain controversy. The money was then used to help fund Mr Hain’s failed bid for the Labour deputy leadership. Mr Nagel insisted in a statement issued through his lawyers last week that he “donated and loaned money to PPF and had no objection that this money be used to support Peter Hain’s campaign.” (The Independent, 17th January 2008)

Romanian-born Mr Nagel came to the UK in 1949 after spending several years in pre-state Palestine. He studied at University College London and at Cambridge and in 1959 became an international diamond broker for De Beers. He has been a vice-chairman of Israel Bonds UK, and played a major role in the Balfour Diamond Jubilee Trust and the British Overseas Trade Group for Israel. He is also a life-long supporter of both the Labour and Conservative Friends of Israel and appears regularly in the Jewish Chronicle “Guest List” pages alongside leading Israeli and communal figures. He was honoured by both the German and UK governments for his work in advancing UK-German relations and was made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George in 2002.

L-R: Honorary President of the Diamond Exchange Shmuel Schnitzer

A further study of Shmuel Schnitzer

Mr Hain’s other benefactor is Isaac Kaye, a South African-born multi-millionaire and Labour Party supporter. Both men are deeply involved in Jewish communal activities. Mr Kaye, 78, who donated a total of £14,600 [$29,200] to Mr Hain’s campaign, is the former chairman of Norton Healthcare, which was investigated by police looking into an alleged £400 million [$800m] price-rigging of pharmaceuticals sold to the NHS [National Health Service]. Arriving from South Africa in 1985, he became a supporter of Tony Blair’s New Labour and a major donor to the party. He also donated £10,000 [$20,000] to Labour politician Frank Dobson’s campaign to become London mayor. A donor to LFI [Labour Friends of Israel], Mr Kaye has backed the Community Security Trust, UJIA [United Jewish Israel Appeal] and other Jewish and pro-Israel organisations. He is on the board of Bicom, the Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre, and is a governor and major benefactor of the Hebrew University, where he has endowed the Kaye Research Awards. (The Jewish Chronicle, 18th January 2008)

Does anyone think Nagel and Kaye are giving money to gentile politicians out of the goodness of their goy-loving hearts? No, they’re Jews, which means they put Jews first and the rest of humanity nowhere. They’re not donating, they’re investing in expectation of massive returns. They’re also ensuring that Britain stays firmly on course for the shimmering multi-racial future, like the one Jew-bought politician Peter Hain fought so hard to bring to prosperous white-run Rhodesia and South Africa. Rhodesia is now a starving black-run police-state and South Africa is catching up fast. Jews are directing the same process of anti-white subversion throughout the West, but one little-recognized consequence of Ethnic Enrichment™ is the sub-prime crisis in America. Frightened of seeming racist, mortgage companies gave loans to non-whites who weren’t credit-worthy. As the chickens come home to roost, guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

Alan Greenspan and John Paulson

Hebe homeys Alan Greenspan and John Paulson

Every morning, an entire city logs on to to see exactly how much farther their over-mortgaged Spanish colonial in the Hollywood Hills has fallen into the abyss. (I made the mistake of doing this myself the other day – only to discover that on average, I am losing $2,226 per day.) Imagine, then, how pleased everyone felt when they picked up The Wall Street Journal last week and saw Jeff Greene grinning out from the front page. “In Beverly Hills, A Meltdown Mogul Is Living Large” read the headline. In case you’ve never heard of Greene, here are the facts: he is a 53-year-old real-estate investor who lives in a 40,000 sq ft Beverly Hills mansion called Palazzo di Amore. He owns three aeroplanes and a yacht, and Mike Tyson was best man at his $1 million wedding. But the most important thing to know about Greene is that he found a way to bet in advance that America’s property market would implode. How? By trading in the extraordinarily complex area of “asset-backed credit default swaps.” Greene essentially made insurance payments that guaranteed him a huge payout if mortgage companies ever defaulted on their loans. And how much did he make? In six months, about $500 million. That’s $2.8 million a day. Yes, meet Mr Unpopular of Hollywood, 2008. And there’s more: Greene reportedly got the idea from his friend John Paulson, who has done exactly the same thing, only with slightly different results: he made $4 billion in the past six months. That’s $22 million per day. These trades are surely right up there with George Soros’s mugging of the pound on Black Wednesday, 15 years ago. (The Times, 22nd January 2008)

Alan Greenspan and Gordon Brown

Alan Greenspan and his toy-goy Gordon Brown

So John the Jew is friends with Jeff the Jew and perhaps with George the Jew too. Paulson definitely has another hebe homey: Alan Greenspan, the Jewish banker who helped create the sub-prime crisis before joining Paulson’s company to profit from it. The Jewish strategy is to set fire to a house and then loot rooms and pick pockets in the confusion. They use the proceeds to hire more ethnic arsonists. In modern Britain, sixteen-year-olds are gang-raped by blacks and scarred for life with caustic soda. Meanwhile, our prime minister celebrates long-serving ethnics on children’s TV. In modern America, white couples are gang-raped and murdered by blacks. Meanwhile, the media spin lies about innocent white lacrosse-players. If Britons and Americans a century ago could have seen all this, they would have shaken their heads in disbelief and disgust. Why are we sitting back and letting these horrors continue? Can’t we see which group is directing them through its control of politics and the media? Well, perhaps we can. I think whites are subconsciously aware of what’s going on, because the subconscious is often much wiser than the media-befuddled conscious. My hope is that growing economic pain will release that subconscious awareness and whites will finally start acting in their own defense.


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