Luke O’Farrell earlier today     20 JUNE 2005

Sex, Sleaze and Therapeutic Scrubs

How Jews Worm Their Way to Power and Influence

Sex scandals. Let’s name a few. Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton. Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett, the former British Home Secretary. Edwina Currie and John Major, the former British Prime Minister. What do they have in common?

The women were all Jewish, and that’s not a coincidence. Jews have an uncanny ability to get close to power, and Lewinski, Quinn (née Solomon), and Currie are all examples of how they do it. Okay, John Major wasn’t yet Prime Minister when he was shtupping Edwina, but he was well on his way and she ended their affair only because she was scared it would be found out – far better to keep the secret and profit from it when the time was ripe.

John Major is long gone now, but that Jewish instinct to get close to power remains as strong as ever. There are long-standing rumors that Peter “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson was once Tony Blair’s homosexual lover. This would certainly explain why Blair and Mandelson remain so close and how Mandelson, despite being widely loathed in the Labour party, has managed to survive two big scandals of his own and emerge as Britain’s European Commissioner – following in the slime-trail of the slug-like Leon Brittan (né Brittanisky). But Tony wouldn’t be the only powerful Blair Jews have targeted. A while back there was another scandal when it was revealed that Mrs Blair – the egregious Cherie – had been allowing her Jewish “lifestyle guru” Carole Caplin the run of Downing Street. Caplin is a topless-model-turned-New-Age-therapist, and she allegedly shared a shower with Cherie to remove toxins from her skin using “therapeutic scrubs.”

That’s Typical Kike Behavior alright – ripping foolish women off with New Age nonsense and getting close to the powerful. Caplin got a lot of publicity and money from her association with the Prime Minister’s wife, but since her departure the crystal-wearing, shower-sharing, “devout Catholic” Cherie has been involved in two more controversies. And well, who would have guessed it? Jews have been behind them too. In February 2005 she traveled to Australia to give lectures on behalf of a “cancer charity.” Cherie wasn’t too concerned about charity herself, mind, because she made more than US$100,000, and though the charity in question didn’t make as much, her Jewish agent, Max “Mr Twenty Per Cent” Markson, made even more. His nickname refers to the minimum fee he’ll accept for his “charity” fundraising, and he’s come a long way since the wet T-shirt and worm-swallowing contests he used to run back when he first arrived from England.

Nowadays he acts as an agent for big names like Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, who got $244,000 for a lecture tour on behalf of an Australian medical charity. Again, the charity itself didn’t get quite as much as the star lecturer. In fact it got $2,800, but Markson generously raised that to $16,000 when the charity complained. How much Markson himself made he wasn’t saying, but you can bet it was a lot more than $16,000. His autobiography is called Show Me The Money after all, but he doesn’t like to show what he gets up to with his own money. The Australian Electoral Commission got very interested in an undeclared $144,000 he gave to the Australian Labour Party. More TKB (Typical Kike Behavior), in other words: first Jews rip Gentiles off, then they use that Gentile money to buy the political influence that allows them to rip Gentiles off even more.

Jump forward now to June 2005 and the devout Catholic/committed feminist Cherie’s off to Washington to give another lecture. But she’s not exploiting a children’s charity this time: she’s only exploiting her position as the wife of the British Prime Minister, who is, by an uncanny coincidence, visiting Washington at the same time. And who’s organizing the lecture and sharing the proceeds with Cherie? Why, it’s the Harry Walker Agency, which introduced Cherie to Max Markson. But unlike Markson, Harry Walker gives very generously to charities. So generously, in fact, that he and his wife won an award in May 2000 from the Rabbinical Council of America. This is what the RCA say on their website:

As world renowned individuals with reputations for integrity, as well as success, the Walkers’ leadership, care and concern for Torah causes, Israel and the fostering of Jewish unity are truly worthy of this award. They have been major benefactors of our synagogue, our sister synagogue Congregation Shaaray Tefila and many yeshivot. As ardent Zionists, they have given generously of their resources, but equally important, of their time and know how, enhancing Israel’s image in the eyes of the world.

Yep, that’s right: Harry Walker, who introduced Cherie Blair to Max “Mr Twenty Per Cent” Markson, has a reputation for “integrity.” The list of speakers he offers – Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Henry Kissinger, Gloria Steinem, Harvey Weinstein – often reads like a Jew’s-Who, but among the non-Jewish names are the “Honorable” Bill Clinton and the Pakistani “Daughter of Destiny” Benazir Bhutto, a “living icon of the battle for democracy” who is, the biography on the HWA website delicately notes, “no longer Prime Minister” of her country. In fact, she doesn’t even live there any more. And why is that? The HWA doesn’t say, but it’s very simple: if she sets foot in Pakistan again she’ll be arrested on charges of massive corruption and money-laundering.

Harry Walker’s reputation for “integrity” is obviously as well-deserved as Cherie Blair’s reputation for being a “devout Catholic”, and I’d love to know what a genuinely devout Catholic called Father Leonard Feeney would have made of her behavior. Way back in the 1950s, he was warning again and again of what would happen to the Catholic Church and Western nations if they allowed Jews into positions of power. His warnings were remarkably prophetic. Here he foresees Jewish corruption of the American legal system:

What will be the result of the ever-growing influence of Jews in the United States? Clearly and inescapably, unless this influence is checked it will mean the end of our society. Our traditions, our standards, our ways are not the Jews’ – who neither approve them nor understand them, and who will destroy them if they can. The swarm of Jewish jurists who have overrun American courtrooms, and who plainly intend to be “steadfastly themselves”, makes our legal system a likely spot to look for evidence of the Judaizing process. (Point magazine, January 1957)

And here he foresees the Jewish assault on freedom of speech:

As surely and securely as the Jews have been behind Freemasonry, or Secularism, or Communism, they are behind the “anti-hate” drive. On their part, they still keep alive their racial rancors and antipathies. The secret of the Jews’ success is, of course, that they can practice such private hate while promoting public “love”, and not be accused of inconsistency. For, as always, they are running the show mainly from behind the scenes. They get their message across by means of co-operative Gentiles. And there are probably more such Gentiles now available – both the willing kind and the kind willing to be duped – than ever before in history. And the Jews’ campaign is succeeding. We have every reason to be alarmed at its success. American Catholics, even those not actively taking part in the tolerance talk, are now kept in line by the omnipresent threat of being accused of hate, bigotry, and intolerance. (Point magazine, January 1959)

Cherie Blair, the “devout Catholic” who consorts with crooked Jews wherever she goes, is a perfect example of what Father Feeney devoted his life to fighting. I can’t agree with his religious ideas, but he was a fine writer and a true prophet, with an understanding of Jewish psychology and behavior that needs to be much, much more widely shared. You can read more of his insights and more of his remarkably accurate prophecies here:

Father Feeney archive

Please spread the word!



I pointed out above that Max Markson is a crook. Sure enough, in October 2005 the charity work he organized for Cherie Blair was revealed to be even more crooked than people thought at the time:

Cherie Blair’s charity speaking tour of Australia, for which she was paid a reputed £102,000 [$194,000], was mired in fresh controversy yesterday. The Australian authorities are investigating a A$195-a-head gala dinner that Mrs Blair addressed in Melbourne, which generated A$192,000 [£81,000/$154,000].

Only A$16,000 [£6,774/$12,800] was given to the charity to help dying children, with the rest divided between the costs of staging the dinner, paying Mrs Blair and Max Markson, the multimillionaire public relations organiser. Mrs Blair’s £17,000 [$32,000] fee for the engagement dwarfed the sum received by the charity. Mr Markson has been named in two Australian parliaments in recent years in relation to disputes over money allegedly owed to charities.

Now the state government of Victoria is threatening to ban the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia from any more fundraising within the state. Under Victoria state law a charity must receive at least 60 per cent of funds raised in an appeal on its behalf. Yet the Melbourne dinner resulted in less than 9 per cent for the charity.

The Australian charity and Downing Street declined to comment yesterday. Mr Markson said: “We haven’t got anything to hide. They have asked me for the information and I have provided it to them.” He said it was unfair to ban the charity from future fundraising. “They should not be penalised for one event in a 22-year history of fighting kids’ cancer and raising literally tens of millions of dollars.” (The Times, London, 26th October 2005)

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