Luke O’Farrell earlier today     29th April 2007

The World was his Goyster...

Till Abe Got Moister

Look there, up in the sky!

Is it a blimp?

Is it a whale?

No! It’s... Super-Jew!

And look out – he’s coming down in the ocean! Run for cover, goyim, or you’ll be soaked to the skin! Oy veh, ain’t that a shame? The warning came too late. Still, at least nobody important suffered. No Jews, that is. And they’d known what their hero was up to for decades. So who was Super-Jew? Here are some more clues: he was a close friend of Henry Kissinger, was once the guest of honor at the annual dinner of the Anglo-Israeli Association and was the recipient of a state funeral on Israel’s most sacred ground after being fished from the Atlantic in 1991. Yes, he was none other than Robert Maxwell, a.k.a. Jan Ludvik, Abraham Hoch. And me, I owe him a heck of a lot.

That’s because he helped me begin my journey from darkness to light – from the darkness of ignorance about the Chosen Ones to the light of the truth about their innate greed, selfishness and dishonesty. Maxwell was one of the world’s greatest crooks and fraudsters. And Maxwell was a Jew. At one time, I wouldn’t have seen the intimate relationship between those two facts. Maxwell was a crook. Maxwell was Jewish. “So what?” I would once have thought. “You can find crooks in every race” – “There’s good and bad in everyone” – “We’re all the same under the skin” – blah blah blah. All the liberal double-think and evasion the media had pumped into me since birth. But Maxwell’s death in 1991 helped me to begin shaking off the conditioning.

Maxwell on the cover of ‘Private Eye’ – ‘...and if they put me on the cover, I’ll sue them again’ (C) Private Eye UK

“...and if they put me on the cover, I’ll sue them again.”
(Click for larger image)

The magazine Private Eye did its best to expose Maxwell –
and was constantly sued and called “anti-Semitic” by him

One example: he was a financial psychopath who’d looted the pensions of ordinary British people, but he was buried by Israel with the highest of honors. And Mossad, Israel’s fearsomely efficient intelligence service, must have known what he was up to before his death. So didn’t Israel care what happened to ordinary British people? Well, apparently not. Another example: in life Maxwell-Hoch had always been very ready to fling charges of “anti-Semitism” at his critics. But it turned out that his critics were perfectly correct and it was disgraceful of him to get out the violin for constant refrains of “I’m just a poor persecuted Jew trying to make an honest living!” So why didn’t his fellow Jews condemn him for it when the truth finally emerged? Well, maybe it was because they found charges of “anti-Semitism” useful in exactly the same way: to cover up their wrongdoing. And wasn’t it odd just how often Jews like Hoch were involved in wrongdoing, particularly in finance and business?

Cover of ‘The Assassination of Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy’

Oy, vot a yacht I got!” – Abe Hoch proves
that there’s no crook like a Jewish crook

Yes, the “Maxwell” scandal opened my eyes to a lot of things. I foolishly looked away from them later, but I’d more than re-learnt my lessons when I picked up a book about Maxwell-Hoch earlier this year. The book suggests that he was killed by Mossad after trying to blackmail them and although it isn’t very well-written, I highly recommend it to all members of the vibrant anti-Semitic community – and to all goyim who are still living in dangerous ignorance about the Chosen Ones. It’s called The Assassination of Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy, was written by two goys called Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, and is packed with facts and observations about Jewish megalomania, greed and dishonesty.

Here, for example, is the book’s summary of Hoch’s character: “For him there was only one worthwhile relationship: himself as the master over all others.”* That also summarizes the Jewish attitude to the goyim: “Ourselves as the masters over all others.” I don’t think the authors of this book are conscious anti-Semites, but the journey to the truth often begins in the subconscious and the subconscious often influences our behavior (as was recognized long before Freud). This passage could be read as an excellent piece of anti-Semitic irony:

The suspicion grew later in MI5 and MI6 [Britain’s intelligence services] that Maxwell could not be trusted. He was placed on their watch list and categorised as “a Zionist – loyal only to Israel.” It was an example of the anti-Semitism rife in both services. (Op. cit., ch 3, pg 41, Robson Books, London, 2003)

But it was perfectly true a) that Hoch couldn’t be trusted; b) that he was a Zionist; and c) that he was loyal only to Israel! So can you believe those goyisch intelligence menschen? So vilely anti-Semitic are they, already, that they don’t just work out the truth about a Jewish crook, they put it in their files! But the book also makes it clear that Hoch committed his crimes first on his own behalf and second on behalf of his race: Gordon and Dillon note that “Israel was never far from Maxwell’s thoughts”. They also describe one of his many visits to that nest of crime and parasitism:

The Prime Minister [Yitzhak Shamir] was waiting on the tarmac when Maxwell’s private jet landed and, for the next few days, the two men went to all the important religious and historic sites. Close to tears, Maxwell had stood before the Wailing Wall and, turning to his host, had said: “I will do all I can to protect this.” He was as patriotic as any other Jew on Israel’s streets. He had opened companies and factories across the land. He had easy access to the nation’s leaders; lesser Israeli politicians spoke his name with awe. The country’s media treated him with fawning respect. He dispensed largesse and bonhomie in equal measure. Israelis liked to say, as they watched his Falstaffian figure dominate their television screens, that God had indeed been good to give Israel a man like this. Others could call him theatrical, egocentric and vain beyond measure. But to his beloved Israelis he had the chutzpah no other Jew in living memory had displayed. (ch 3, pg 6-7)

If Jews have the imperfections of other human beings, only more so, Maxwell-Hoch had the heightened imperfections of other Jews, only more so. He literally embodied the insatiable greed of that “Ev’rysink Is Not Enough!” Jewish mentality:

In twenty years Maxwell had almost doubled his body weight. In the postwar era he had still been a trim figure, but by the 1960s, with food rationing fading into recent memory, he had begun to expand physically, gorging himself on huge portions of lobster, salmon, caviar and choice meats, all washed down with copious amounts of vintage wines and champagnes. He had been known to eat two full dinners in one sitting, wolfing down the food at ravenous speed.

Robert Maxwell and his wife Betty

“Hey, goyim, I want some more!”
Big Bob with his wife Betty

By 1980 the last sign of sveltness had gone. Maxwell’s girth was the height of other men, his face enclosed in a thatch of dyed black hair and treble chins. Although he was cavalier in the way he cancelled appointments, there was one that was unbreakable. No matter where he was, twice a month his personal hairdresser would be brought into his presence to administer the expensive lotion that concealed all trace of grey in his hair. The cost of this vanity was more than the salary Maxwell paid some of his staff. (ch 3, pg 33)

Hoch was Super-Jew: one of the most perfect specimens to date of Homo hymius. But he couldn’t have got away with his Super-Jewish crimes without the help, direct and indirect, of other Jews. His employers Mossad knew all about his crimes and didn’t warn the goys. After all, blood is thicker than water:

All told, some twelve hundred persons worked at the headquarters, making Mossad one of the smallest global intelligence agencies. But in support there was an operation no other agency could match. It was known as sayanim, a derivative of the Hebrew word lesayeh, to help. Throughout the Diaspora there were tens of thousands of these “helpers”, a striking example of the cohesiveness of the worldwide Jewish community, “proof that no matter the allegiance a sayan has to his or her country, in the end there is a more emotional and mystical one, an allegiance to Israel and need when called upon to help protect it from its enemies.” (ch 3, pg 11, with quote from Meir Amit, “the most ruthless and innovative director-general of Mossad”)

Almost all Jews are not big crooks or doing much harm to the goyim, but big Jewish crooks can rely on the help of almost all Jews. That is why Jews are harmful as a group, not simply as individuals: they don’t police misbehavior by other Jews even when they’re not personally involved. Instead, they cover up for it and attack or undermine attempts to prevent it. Blacks and other non-whites do the same on a smaller scale, but whites are often the complete opposite. All nationalists know that attempts to defend and protect whites are fiercely opposed not just by non-whites but by countless whites too.

This may be something to do with the different evolutionary histories of whites and non-whites, but either way it’s more proof that Jews like Hoch are not white in the racial sense. Here’s one of those very rare Jews who will criticize Jewish misbehavior:

I am particularly ashamed of the whole business because [Republican lobbyist Jack] Abramoff appears to have been involved with (a) legitimate Jewish charities; (b) a number of Orthodox rabbis; (c) the Israeli settlers’ movement. Abramoff not only fleeced his clients and corrupted his government, but he seems to have thought this was OK in part because he was stealing money (partly) to finance Jewish charitable and political / religious / nationalist activities.

Jack Abramoff, Orthodox Jew

“Jack the Jew ♥ The Chosen Few”
Abramoff leaves a court hearing

This is deeply wrong on a variety of levels. Not only because violating the law of the land is, where that law itself is not unjust, a religious transgression. Not only because these kinds of games are “bad for the Jews” in that they may lead people to think that all Jews are similarly corrupt, or that Jewish involvement in politics is potentially corrupting [Oy! As if!]. But because it is categorically wrong to fulfill a commandment [to help other Jews] by means of a transgression. And yet, for some reason, over and over again I read about rabbinic authorities who have failed to comprehend this basic principle, and accept dirty money and corrupt relationships for their charities or other activities. This kind of behavior has got to be anathematized in the Jewish community, and especially in the more insular parts of the Orthodox world – not for my sake, but for theirs, and for the sake of Heaven. (, June 2005)

Ah yes, Jack Abramoff – he was also involved in the looting of Russia when Jew-imposed communism fell and Jews helped each other to profit obscenely from the economic “shock treatment” prescribed by the Jew Jeffrey Sachs. That reminds me of how anti-Semites are often accused of self-contradiction by Jews and their shabbas-goyim. “How can Jews be both capitalist vampires and communist vampire-hunters?” they scoff. Well, like the über-sleazy Jewish oligarchs who followed his lead, Hoch managed to move between those two worlds with effortless ease:

When Robert Maxwell had once worn a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “King of Bulgaria” [then a communist country], he could not have known how apt it would be. He was the man with the Midas touch who blew his golden trumpet and everybody danced to his tune. Fawned upon by president and commoner alike, offered anything he liked – a car, a mansion, a king’s palace – provided with anybody he liked – an actress, a dancer from a nightclub, even a pretty housekeeper who had briefly taken his fancy – Robert Maxwell was indeed the undisputed ruler of Bulgaria and, in many ways, beyond it, the first authentic tycoon of the Eastern Bloc.

The empire he was singlehandedly creating would one day grow into one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world, embracing the Russian [i.e. Jewish] Mafia, the crime families of Bulgaria and, far away across the Atlantic, those in New York and, on the other side of the world, the crime families of Japan and Hong Kong. John P O’Neill, FBI executive agent-in-charge in New York, would later say that “in many ways Maxwell was at the heart of the global criminal network. Beginning with his Bulgarian connection he showed how to structure a network that grew into financially powerful criminal corporations whose power would extend to the South American drug cartels, the Tongs and the Triads, the Russian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza. They were all there before. But the way Robert Maxwell set things up, they would come together in [his company] Multi-Group in its early years. His last contribution was not that he just robbed his pension funds. It was that he was the man who set in motion a true coalition of global criminals.” (ch 11, pg 163)

Maxwell-Hoch is a supreme example of what happens when whites ignore the lesson shouted down more than two millennia of European history: “Do not trust Jews! Do not allow them power or influence!” Jews will suck your blood and then, because you start complaining, tell themselves that you deserved it:

By 1989 his business dealings had been carefully crafted to hide the truth that he could survive only by two means. He could draw on the considerable private fortune that Dr R [his unidentified and very possibly Jewish accountant] had privately buried away. Or he could continue to embezzle and steal from all those who still trusted him: his employees. On that spring morning in Tel Aviv he had chosen to continue to plunder their savings to prop up his lifestyle and that of his children. Dr R had seen to it that future generations of Maxwells would have their financial future ensured. But now, as he prepared for his meeting with Shabtai Shavit [director-general of Mossad], Robert Maxwell began to focus on the question that he was certain would be uppermost in the director-general’s mind. How could more Jews be brought out of Eastern Europe before they, too, became victims of the anti-Semitism Maxwell had detected was once again on the increase? (ch 11, pg 188)

Why does anti-Semitism increase at certain times? Why does it exist at all? The answer is very simple: because of Jewish behavior. Hoch is just one example – let’s have a look at another outstanding figure of recent British history. It’s a woman this time and she isn’t anywhere near as well known as “Robert Maxwell”, though she deserves to be:

I almost envy younger readers who may only have a faint idea who Shirley Porter is. She remains, by a considerable margin, the most corrupt British public figure in living memory, with the possible exception of Robert Maxwell. But there was something exceptionally repellent about her abuse of office; a fantastically brazen quality which had to be seen to be believed. (The Guardian, 24th March 2007)

Shirley Porter, like Abraham Hoch, belonged to the tiny minority of the hugely corrupt. So what are the odds that Porter, like Hoch, came from another tiny and – so the media constantly assure us – completely unrelated minority, namely Jews? The odds must be astronomical, unless the media are lying when they say that corruption and Jewishness aren’t related. Well, “Dame” Shirley Porter – she was honored by the famously Judeophile Conservatives in 1991 – was indeed both hugely corrupt and highly Jewish. Here’s more from a review of a book about her called Nothing Like A Dame:

Shirley Porter looking very Jewish indeed on the cover of ‘Nothing Like a Dame’

“Jewish enough for you, goys?”
Sheeney Shyster Shirley Porter

To get to the substance of the book you are going to have to surmount the considerable obstacle of its front cover. [The reviewer Jenny] Diski calls this a “racial caricature”, but it’s not, it’s a photograph of Porter in her prime: the contemptuous stare, the alarming lipstick, the shoulder-pads. Memories of a whole era come roaring back. She looks, in the picture, like someone for whom the word “ghastly” was specially minted. Margaret Thatcher used the word “scary”; that’s right, too. But such epithets are grossly inadequate. Whatever you think of Porter now, your opinion will be severely downgraded a long way before you finish the book. You may start tending towards “monstrous”, before you realise that adjective-hurling is not enough. No thriller I have read has a character so wicked that I have been forced to put the book down, every 50 pages or so, from genuine nausea. Porter’s actions were sickening and made people, thousands of them, suffer.

Penny-pinching yet weirdly profligate, she sells three cemeteries for 15p[ence] to property speculators. She arranges for young thugs to jeer at bereaved families who protest. She kicks hundreds of homeless people out of their accommodation, and spends a fortune locking up the properties. She smears political opponents and fixes an artificially low poll tax. When caught, she is misleading about her personal wealth. [Andrew] Hosken does not speculate too much about what made Porter so horrible. But she was; and this enthralling story tells you how corruption can happen, and how toxic the results can be.

Why does the author “not speculate too much about what made Porter so horrible”? Very possibly because he recognized the truth and was frightened, with good reason, to put it down on paper. Mutatis mutandis, Porter behaved exactly like Hoch: she looked after Jewish interests – “in 1960 she helped expose 10 golf clubs across north London for holding anti-semitic membership criteria” – while making the goyim suffer in pursuit of her own megalomaniac ends. She even wound up in the same place after her lies and corruption were exposed: Hoch was buried in Israel, Porter fled there to escape goyisch justice. There’s constant speculation now that “Lord” Levy, chief patron of the charity Jewish Care and chief crook behind the “loans for lordships” scandal, will follow her example and flee to Israel too. Maxwell – Porter – Levy. The same description covers all three: hugely arrogant; deeply ethnocentric; corrupt to the bone.

Maxwell’s funeral on the cover of ‘Private Eye’ (C) Private Eye UK

“Here lies Bob Maxwell” – “He lied everywhere else”

As Mossad agent Abe Hoch receives a state funeral in Israel,
Private Eye come up with another vilely anti-Semitic cover

But the media and all establishment politicians will assure us that it’s just a coincidence that Maxwell, Porter and Levy are Jewish, like so many other crooks right around the world. So okay, it’s just a coincidence. It’s also just a coincidence that people developed the Black Death after being bitten by fleas. And that people develop malaria today after being bitten by mosquitoes. Fleas and plague. Mosquitoes and malaria. Jews and nation-wrecking. There are no links between them, goyim! None at all! Trust what the media and politicians like Bush and Bliar tell you! After all, the only things you’ve got to lose are your homes, your histories, and your future.


*ch 8, pg 118
Ibid., pg 125

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