Luke O’Farrell earlier today     12th February 2006

Turbans and Time-Bombs

Appease Now, Pay Later

Muhammad with a bomb as turban

How does that old song go?

Hitler has only got one ball;
Goering has two but very small;
Himmler has something sim’lar:
And Goebbels has noebbels at all.

That makes Britain a lot like Goebbels. Not one television station, newspaper or magazine here has reproduced those “offensive” cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, like the one showing him wearing a bomb as a turban. Editors can weasel as much as they like – “It requires a particularly childish kind of discourtesy to cause offence knowingly,” whimpered The Independent – but the truth is that they’re rightly terrified of what would happen if they did. Britain’s tiny Muslim minority has exercised a veto over what Britain’s huge non-Muslim majority can see in our supposedly “free” media.

If anyone thinks that’s healthy, let’s hope he never becomes a doctor. “Tumor? No, it’s just a natural swelling. Take a few aspirin if the pain starts bothering you.” And that is pretty much what Dr Tony “Bliar” Blair is prescribing to the British public. On Friday 3rd February 2006 some of Britain’s vibrant Muslim community were oscillating extra-hard in London:


Police stand by as Muslims commit ‘incitement to murder’

Dr Bliar’s response was to tell Parliament that

The vast majority of people in the Muslim community across the Muslim world totally abhor acts of terrorism or those who incite terrorism or glorify terrorism. (BBC News, 8th February 2006)

Well, let’s look at the “Muslim community” in Britain. Those protestors in London who want – in no particular order – to annihilate, behead, butcher and exterminate their enemies were sympathizers of the one-eyed Muslim bogey-man Abu “Hookie” Hamza, recently sentenced to seven years in prison for passing on these infidel-butchery tips in one of his sermons:

Like you imagine you have one small knife and you have a big animal in front of you. The size of the knife, you cannot slaughter him with this. You have to stab him here and there until he bleeds to death. Then you can cut out the meat as you like or leave him to the maggots. (The Times, 12th January 2006)

According to Dr Bliar, the “vast majority” of Britain’s Muslims would “totally abhor” this hate-filled rhetoric – which Abu Hamza has been venting since 1999. I’d be worried myself if it was only the vast majority who totally abhorred it, so let’s have a look at the results of a poll of “British” Muslims in December 2005. Two things stand out. First, a substantial minority of Muslims will admit – others surely keep quiet – to supporting Abu Hamza and other “hate” clerics, like the deported Omar Bakri Mohammed, who allegedly opined that “The life of an unbeliever has no value, it has no sanctity.” Second, things are getting worse, because younger Muslims are more extreme than their parents:

28% of 18-24 year old Muslims say they agree with Omar Bakri Mohammed, compared with 17% of Muslims overall. Younger Muslims are also more likely than those in general to agree with Abu Hamza (by 27% to 13%), Hamza Yusuf (by 39% to 27%), Tariq Ramadan (by 22% to 17%) and Azzam Tamimi (by 19% to 12%). (Poll of British Muslims, December 2005)

So there you have it: Abu “Meat or Maggots” Hamza is supported by 27% – more than one in four – of younger Muslims and 13% of Muslims in general, while Bliar’s pet mullah Iqbal “Peace on You” Sacranie is supported by 20% of Muslims in general. Bliar gave a knighthood to Sacranie for his “moderation”, which is a lot like a doctor prescribing aspirin to a patient in the early stages of cancer. It might relieve a little discomfort, but it’s not going to work in the long run. The more we appease Islam now, the more we’re going to pay in the future, and Iqbal Sacranie is not moderate by any standard I recognize. During the Salman Rushdie affair – the first big twinge of Britain’s Islamic tumor – Sacranie was asked for his moderate views on the author:

Death, perhaps, is a bit too easy for him. His mind must be tormented for the rest of his life unless he asks for forgiveness to Almighty Allah. (The Guardian, 18th February, 1989)

Sacranie is also an enthusiastic supporter of the “religious hatred” law Dr Bliar is trying to introduce in ever more desperate appeasement of Britain’s Muslims. But “Sir” Iqbal thinks that the term “Muslim terrorist” is an example of religious hatred, because for him it is extremely offensive to suggest that there is any link at all between Islam and terrorism. One of his few good points is that he boycotts Hollow Hoax Memorial Day on the valid ground that it is a Jewish con-trick.

Some White nationalists have suggested the same of the Muhammad cartoon furore, saying that Jews want to increase support for an attack on Iran. Maybe they’re right – Jews are masters of the “Let’s you and him fight” game – but either way the furore is going to be very useful for our side. There are two reasons Britain’s media and politicians are groveling in submission to Islam. One is that Muslims are in our homeland and ready to riot to get their own way, and the other is that we are in Iraq and desperate not to make the disaster there even worse. Nationalists have been warning for decades what the consequences of mass immigration and interference in the Middle East would be. Now our predictions are coming true. Because we’ve got that right, people will start to look seriously at what we say about Jews and their traitorous white allies.

They will also start to recognize the Jew-inspired hypocrisy of our politicians and journalists. Some are asking us to be “sensitive” about causing offense to Muslims after ignoring or actively promoting offense to Christians for decades – remember Piss Christ, the “art-work” consisting of a crucifix in a jar of urine, and the BBC’s enthusiastic support for the expletive-filled Jerry Springer – the Opera, in which Christ appears dressed as a baby and the following cretinous songs are performed:

“Jesus, Jesus, what the fuck?
Coming here, push his luck.
Make him wear a thorny crown,
Grab his pants and pull them down.”

“I am Jesus, son of God, son of Mary, son of God,
So do not, do not, do not fuck with me!”
(Complete lyrics)

Meanwhile, other politicians and journalists are standing up for “free speech” about Islam while David Irving and other historians sit in jail for raising doubts about the Hollow Hoax. The only way to resolve these contradictions is to recognize the dominant role of Christ-hating, trouble-making Jews in our politics and culture. They have created a time-bomb in the West and even those who have willfully blocked their ears can now hear it ticking.


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