Luke O’Farrell earlier today     4th June 2006

Winnie the Jooh

“Isn’t It Funny How Jews Like Munny?”

Twenty years from now, inshallah, your children and grandchildren will consult their dictionaries to discover the following word:

jewbiquity n. the condition or faculty whereby a Jew was everywhere or in an indefinite number of places at once; hence jewbiquitous adj. [coined by Sir Luke O’Farrell KG, KP, GCMG, VC (Bar), from Jew  + ubiquitous (qqv).]

No-one is born anti-Semitic: some find anti-Semitism thrust on them, others acquire it. My own journey to the truth involved noting how many noisy, pushy Jews there were in public life and how their speech and manner often revolted me. I also noted that their huge prominence was rarely, if ever, based on huge talent. Jews seem to be very good at getting much more than their just deserts and it is no coincidence that they gave the world the term chutzpah – “shameless effrontery and arrogance.” It’s no coincidence either that they’ve given the world so many great con-men and fraudsters, from Robert Maxwell to Uri Geller.

Now that I’ve seen the blight where Jews are concerned, I believe that this Jewish pushiness and dishonesty are instinctive. It’s something in their genes. Millions of White liberals would gasp in horror at such heresy, of course, but their very opposition confirms my theory. After all, who was it taught them to gasp with horror at the suggestion that racial differences are inherited? Jews like Stephen Jay Gould and Robert Winston, that’s who. Winnie isn’t well-known outside Britain, though I’m sure he’d like to be. Inside Britain, he’s jewbiquitous: “always on the telly”, as a Guardian journalist called Catherine Bennett put it. Cathy’s a good liberal, as you might expect, but that’s part of her complaint against Winnie, whose pushiness won him a seat in the House of Lords long ago:

Lord Winston plugs ‘Clever Milk’
“Isn’t it funny how Jews like munny?”

This week, large newspaper advertisements have featured the Labour peer posing in the guise of an enlightened milkman with a litre bottle of full-fat in his hands, over a caption which trumpets the health benefits of St Ivel’s Omega 3-enriched Advance: “It’s clever milk.” Why add fish oil to milk? Let us consult Professor Lord Robert Winston, or at least his press release. “Children of today do not have enough Omega 3 in their diet,” he explains. “The largest source of this nutrient is oily fish and, as many mums have found, this food is not popular with children. What has been lacking is an easier way for families to get more Omega 3. Anecdotal evidence from teachers and parents indicates that increasing intake may improve learning and concentration for some children.”

Anecdotal evidence is the kind of evidence not considered adequate by the government’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence. And “some children”? How many would that be? Neither Dairy Crest nor Lord Winston elaborates, in this press release anyway. Some may even see a potential conflict between the peer’s promotion of St Ivel’s Advance and the injunction, in the Lords code of conduct, to remember the principle of Selflessness: “Holders of public office should take decisions solely in the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.” (The Guardian, 1st September 2005)

Jew pushes into public prominence, then indulges in dodgy deal to shovel in the shiny shekels. That’s TKB (Typical Kike Behavior) so far, but what about the rest of Winnie’s resumé? Well, he’s yet more proof that the Jewish God is a projection of the massive Jewish ego:

Professor Lord Winston does not suffer fools gladly. Or journalists – he always makes a point of telling them that he loathes doing interviews, even while launching himself on yet another round of publicity for one of his books or TV series. This time it is a book and television series called The Story of God, which purports to be a history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, with lots of exotic cults thrown in.

“I make it very clear that we arrive at spirituality in a whole range of different ways – conventional belief in an all-powerful god is not something that to me makes entirely rational sense, and that might be offensive to Catholics, for example. But I wonder how a Catholic would explain the tsunami or how the Church could sit by while six million Jews were massacred in central Europe? I believe in free will and if you have free will then you can’t have a god that intervenes – it doesn’t make sense. But you can have a divine idea or divine spirit within you, which I believe. And I come from a religious tradition which is as much concerned with how you behave as how you believe. Judaism is one of the few religions which makes no demands on faith.”

He is an orthodox Jew who unfailingly attends synagogue, observes the Sabbath and will go hungry on film trips rather than eat non-kosher food. He has been married to Lira for over 30 years and has three grown-up children who he says are more orthodox than him. “They are much less flexible about not doing any work on the Sabbath. For example, I don’t have a problem about switching on an electric light on the Sabbath but they won’t do that.” (The Observer, 27th November 2005)

Judaism “makes no demands on faith” because the object of its worship is right here on earth: Jews and their needs. One of those needs is to weaken Whitey by undermining and corrupting his society, and guess what? Robert Winston has also fought the good fight against “white racism”:

Children as young as four hold racist views, identifying black people as potential troublemakers and criminals, according to shocking new research. The results, to be presented by the scientist and author Robert Winston this week, show that young children from all backgrounds prefer white people, whom they associate with success and trustworthiness. He was concerned to find a majority of black children hold the same views, with many saying they want to be white when they grow up.

Lord Winston’s experiment was carried out for the BBC’s Child of Our Time, a series that tracks the development of children from birth through childhood.

The programme, which he presents, shows them responding to a series of images, each containing in turn four photographs of faces. Only one in each sequence was white. The children were asked to pick out the face they wanted as their friend, who they would choose to sit next to, who they thought would be most likely to get into trouble and who would be most successful. Almost all the white children in the survey associated positive qualities exclusively with the photographs of whites. More than 50% of the black children interviewed gave similar responses. In contrast, people with darker features were viewed as likely to be law-breakers and low achievers.

Lord Winston said the study raises new concerns that British society is “breeding a kind of racism” at an early stage in life. “We have failed as a society to promote respect of individuals from ethnic minorities,” said Lord Winston, professor of fertility studies at Imperial College London. “We should be encouraging five-year-olds to have an ethnic identity. There is a lack of respect for blacks in the Army, in the police, and we still don’t have many black Members of Parliament.” (The Independent, 5th January 2005)

As ever with this kind of study, there’s no hint that these “stereotypes” might be based on the raping, murdering, mugging, low-IQ reality of black behavior. No, Kompassionate Kike™ Winnie blames it all on Whitey, and it goes without saying that his call for “five-year-olds to have an ethnic identity” is not aimed at Whites and non-whites in the same way. Whites will be trained to have an identity based on guilt and non-whites will be trained to have an identity based on grievance. That’s a recipe for racial discord and Cerebral Sheeney™ Winnie knows this perfectly well. But while Whites are struggling to stop the nations they built from collapsing, he and the rest of the Chosen will be even safer to follow their age-old racial instincts: worm into power and pile up wealth.

“Isn’t it funny how bears like hunny?” Winnie the Pooh once asked. Well, a Bear of Little Brain might find it so, but we know that it’s written into ursine DNA. Similarly, it’s not at all funny that Jews lust for power and money: their greed and megalomania are written into their DNA too. Winnie the Jooh is a very good example, but any enlightened anti-Semite knows that countless more crowd the airwaves and print-media of the West.


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