Luke O’Farrell earlier today     4th February 2007

Saying is Believing

The Rise and Fall of Jew Labour

“Lenin perceived, after the Civil War, that you could not make corn grow by issuing decrees or even by shooting peasants.” – Polish historian Leszek Kolakowski in Main Currents of Marxism (1978)

In the beginning was the Windbag. And the Windbag was Tony and Tony was the Windbag. As I write, he’s still the Windbag. But the giant Needle of Fate approacheth fast and surely – surely! – Blair is about to burst. The needle has been getting bigger and sharper for ten years, after all. Bliar wanted to be a rock star in his youth but evidently decided that dropping TVs out of hotel windows was kids’ stuff. No, dropping entire nations from the 20th floor gives you a much more satisfying crash. Iraq is one example of Bliar’s defenestratory skill; Britain is another. Profession after profession, from medicine to law to education, can give you chapter-and-verse on New Labour’s profligacy, incompetence and ignorant meddling. The “Loans for Lordships” scandal, in which Bliar tried to evade his own laws, is just the pimple on the Jew’s nose, but it’s a highly characteristic pimple. Bliar’s entire career has been based on the evasion not just of truth but of reality itself.

Reality has already caught up with him in Iraq and Afghanistan; now it’s invaded his political fantasies at home. Bliar has always been noted for his contempt for tradition. It’s been traditional, for example, that serving prime ministers in Britain are never interviewed by the police. Bliar has been interviewed by the police not once but twice. It’s also been traditional that close aides of the prime minister are not arrested by the police, so guess what? Bliar’s Jewish fundraiser and “special envoy” to the Middle East, the über-sleazy “Lord” Levy, has been arrested not once but twice, the second time on the highly serious charge of “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.” But Levy, I admit, represents one tradition that Bliar has been faithful to. The former Labour prime minister Harold Wilson (1916-95) was funded by sleazy Jews, one of whom, “Lord” Kagan, was imprisoned for stealing from his own companies after Wilson left office. Before that his Jews, like Bliar’s, got a very good return on their investment in a goy politician:

Harold Wilson was President of the Board of Trade from 1947-51. The few people who could get permission from the Board of Trade to import heavily rationed raw materials or finished goods were in a good position to become vastly rich. Among the lucky few who got licenses were [Jews] Montague Meyer, Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg. Kagan and Sternberg later became peers. (Was Wilson working for Russia or Israel?)

Decades later, it’s the same old story: corrupt Jews are buying white politicians and their brethren are covering up for them. After “Lord” Levy’s first arrest, he was defended by the Jew Dominic Lawson, son of Margaret Thatcher’s chancellor Nigel Lawson:

How Lord Cashpoint charms the great and good

The phrase “whiter than white”, originally used by Tony Blair to describe New Labour, is now being applied with the deepest sarcasm to the activities of his chief fundraiser, Lord Levy, who was arrested last week by Scotland Yard. Yet those words accurately describe the extraordinary interior of Lord Levy’s home in Totteridge, North London. My wife and I were invited there for dinner several times and I remember almost blinking at the brightness of it all on our first visit: white walls, white or glass furniture and carpets of the palest imaginable shade of beige, all ashimmer under a canopy of undimmed halogen lights. Lord Levy is a man who exudes a physical cleanliness, too: his suits and shirts – and indeed his hair – always seem cut and pressed to a geometric flawlessness. [...] The Levys are devout Jews. Michael’s father was a synagogue attendant and one of his grandfathers was a rabbi. I was at the Levy home one Friday night when the presence of the foreign minister of a South American Catholic country seemed slightly incongruous as [Levy’s wife] Gilda lit sabbath candles and waved her hands over chollah bread, while Michael chanted in Hebrew. I have always suspected that it is Levy’s undisguised Jewishness that in part lies behind the traditionally Arabist Foreign Office’s fury at his appointment as the Prime Minister’s special Middle East envoy.

L-R: Sleazy Lord Levy and his toy-goy Tony Blair

Twice is thrice as nice:
“Lord” Levy and his toy-goy Tony

Nevertheless the elite of the British foreign policy establishment always accept an invitation to sup with him – partly, I suspect, for the careerist reason that he is so close to the Prime Minister and partly because they are desperate to make sure they know what is being said about their sphere of interest. Although he has been described as an arrogant man, I don’t think this is true: Levy never attempted to dominate the debates around his table. He would just ask one of his guests to start a discussion and then sit back while the rest of us joined in. They would have been hard debates to dominate, even if he had been so inclined. I recall one dinner at which the guests included Sir Andrew Turnbull, then head of the Civil Service, Foreign Office head Sir Michael Jay [Jewish?], Sir Richard Dearlove, then head of the Secret Intelligence Service, Sir Nigel Sheinwald [Jewish], the Prime Minister’s chief foreign policy adviser, and the French ambassador, His Excellency Gerard Errera. When the telephone rang during the meal, I loved the way Michael mouthed in a stage whisper to all of us: “It’s Tony!” As it was the night Michael Howard [Jewish] became leader of the Conservative Party, the discussion naturally dwelt on the revived prospects for the Tories. Lord Levy declared that he “could now raise a great deal of money for the Conservatives.” “Would you like me to ring Michael Howard now?” I asked. “I said could, not will,” Levy replied with a giggle, wagging his index finger at me reprovingly.

Crooked Jew ‘Sir’ David Garrard

Crooked Jews Andrew Rosenfeld and Barry ‘Townsley’

“P-p-pick up a peerage today!” – Three of Levy’s pals from Jewish Care
Above: “Sir” David Garrard; Below: Andrew Rosenfeld and Barry “Townsley”

In fact, it is Michael Levy’s extraordinary achievement to have rerouted vast sums of money, which Jewish businessmen had traditionally directed at the Tory Party, into the coffers of New Labour. Never can a spymaster have “turned” so many agents of influence. The most astonishing defection must be that of the late Sir Emmanuel Kaye, who for years had given and raised funds for the Conservative Party. Even he was pulled into Lord Levy’s New Labour tombola. The reason, however, is not hard to find – and it is not the offer of peerages. Since 1990, Michael Levy has been the driving force behind a charity called Jewish Care. Under his charismatic leadership it has taken over less successful Jewish charities and become a mighty force. It now disburses more than £55million [$105m] a year and employs more than 1,000 people. Over the past two decades, almost every wealthy Jewish businessman in the land will have been charmed or cajoled by Levy into giving more than they thought possible to Jewish Care. He has simply applied the same techniques on behalf of Tony Blair. [...]

If I recall correctly, guests [at another dinner party Lawson attended] included Sir Martin Sorrell [Jewish], the dominant force in the British advertising industry, Sir Victor Blank [Jewish], then chairman of the Mirror Group, Sir David Frost, Les Hinton, chief of Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper operations and BBC chairman Michael Grade [Jewish]. My conclusion was that if Michael Levy ever got into trouble with the media, he would know who to call. I was then the editor of a national newspaper [The Sunday Telegraph], so you could be forgiven for believing that the reason I received so much hospitality from Lord Levy was that I, too, might be a useful ally in the future. It’s true that ambitious businessmen who cultivate newspaper editors are two-a-penny, but what I also haven’t forgotten is that on the day I lost that job the very first phone call I received, full of concern and helpful advice, was from Michael Levy. So, to borrow the phrase Tony Blair used about himself during the first row over New Labour’s funding, I regard Lord Levy as “a pretty straight sort of guy.” (The Mail On Sunday, 17th July 2006)

Jewish journo Dominic Lawson

“Sleazy? Corrupt? Arrogant? But he’s Jewish!”
Levy-defender Dominic Lawson

There’s chutzpah for you: excusing one sleazebag with a lying phrase invented by another sleazebag. Another piece of chutzpah is the claim that Levy works “on behalf of Tony Blair”, rather than vice versa. Hebe who pays the piper calls the tune. Levy’s the hebe, Bliar’s the piper, and Levy obviously networked tirelessly with other Jews to set policies for Bliar to follow. But Lawson’s description of Levy is significant in other important ways. As Simon Sheppard has pointed out: Levy’s obsession with outer “cleanliness” and “whiteness” suggests compensation for a feeling of inner dirt. This reading of Levy’s psychology has support from one of the world’s most infamous anti-Semitic texts: the New Testament. Here’s Jesus letting fly at some of Levy’s direct ancestors:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 23, 27-8)

Most Christians today have no idea what happened to the Pharisees so strongly condemned by the founder of their religion. Well, they’ve been going strong for 2,000 years and now run the West for their own ends. The “devout Jew” Lord Levy, son of a “synagogue attendant”, grandson of a rabbi, is one of them:

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Pharisaic sect was re-established as Rabbinic Judaism, which ultimately produced normative, traditional Judaism, the basis for all contemporary forms of Judaism, with the possible exception of the Karaites. (Kikipedia entry for “Pharisee”)

Judaism is a very strange and twisted religion full of obsession, idolatry and hatred. Jews idolize themselves and hate the goyim, partly because, as parasites, they justify themselves by feeling superior to their goyish hosts and partly because their hosts have again and again had the effrontery to object to having their blood sucked. In response, Jews have again and again created ideological viruses designed to weaken and demoralize their hosts, beginning with Christianity and continuing through Marxism, Freudianism, Boasianism and the host of secondary viruses created from them. Marx, Freud and the much less-known but almost equally pernicious Boas stand firmly in the rabbinic tradition: they were highly authoritarian and arrogant men who demanded slavish obedience and respect from their disciples. Above all, they were manipulators of symbols and words. That is the Jewish specialty: spinning a web of words in which to catch juicy goyim flies. Phrases like “Jewish farmer” and “Jewish engineer” sound very odd, because Jews don’t like getting their hands dirty by working with tangible things like soil or steel. “Jewish spin-doctor” and “Jewish publicist”, on the other hand, sound perfect, because spin-doctors and publicists work with words. So do philosophers:

Sheeney shyster Herbert Marcuse

A web of words for goyim flies:
Sheeney shyster Herbert Marcuse

Marcuse is typical of the mentality of those who have never had to trouble themselves to obtain food, clothing, housing, electricity, and so on, as all these necessities of life were available ready-made. This accounts for the popularity of his philosophy among those who have never had anything to do with material and economic production. Students from comfortable middle-class backgrounds have in common with the Lumpenproletariat that the technique and organization of production are beyond their mental horizon: consumer goods, whether plentiful or in short supply, are simply there for the taking. Contempt for technique and organization goes hand in hand with a distaste for all forms of learning that are subject to regular rules of operation or that require vigorous effort, intellectual discipline, and a humble attitude towards facts and the rules of logic. It is much easier to shirk the laborious task and to utter slogans about global revolution transcending our present civilization and uniting knowledge and feeling. (Leszek Kołakowski, Main Currents of Marxism Volume 3: The Breakdown (1978), pp. 419-20)

Herbert Marcuse was one of the lesser Jewish fleas that followed the big Jewish fleas Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, but what may seem uncanny about that description of his ideology is how well it applies to New Labour and Tony Blair. But in fact it isn’t uncanny at all. New Labour is more than liberalism in excelsis: it would be much more accurate to call it “Jew Labour”, because not only is it supplied with money and policies by Jews, its leaders and media supporters enthusiastically participated in student “radicalism” during the days Marcuse and other Jewish neo-Marxists were hacking hard at the foundations of Western society. None of Jew Labour’s apparatchiks, on the other hand, have backgrounds in any kind of productive work. Here’s a list of occupations previously followed by Tony Blair’s cabinet:

  • Prime Minister Tony Blair: lawyer
  • Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott: waiter, union official
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown: television journalist
  • Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett: “researcher in industrial policy” for the Labour Party
  • Home Secretary John Reid: trade union official and “research officer” for the Labour Party
  • Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer: lawyer
  • Lord Privy Seal Jack Straw: lawyer
  • Leader of the House of Lords Baroness Amos: “equality activist”, Chief Executive of the Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Minister for Women and Equality Ruth Kelly: economics writer, economics analyst
  • Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell: social worker, public sector manager
  • Defence Secretary Des Browne: lawyer
  • Education Secretary Alan Johnson: union official
  • Secretary of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Miliband: political analyst
  • Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt: civil servant, “equality activist”
  • International Development Secretary Hilary Benn: union “research officer”
  • Northern Ireland and Welsh Secretary Peter Hain: anti-apartheid activist, founder of the Anti-Nazi League
  • Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling: lawyer
  • Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander: speech-writer, parliamentary researcher
  • Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton: law lecturer
  • Cabinet Office Minister Hilary Armstrong: county councillor, lecturer in “Community and Youth Work”, community worker
  • Minister without Portfolio and Party Chair Hazel Blears: lawyer
  • Treasury Chief Secretary Stephen Timms: local government councillor
  • Chief Whip Jacqui Smith: economics teacher

None of those professions is inherently bad, though some may be regarded as necessary evils. But they have become corrupt in modern societies and they train those who practice them in bad habits of mind, such as the belief that words are all-powerful and all-important. People like lawyers, who live by the word, now dominate Western politics, which has become not merely unrepresentive of ordinary people but directly antagonistic to them. When an alien group like Jews, constantly seeking its own advantage, gains control of a government of lawyers, the evils of rule-by-lawyer are multiplied. The Jew Peter Mandelson, a former TV producer, is conspicuous by his absence from the current British cabinet. He’s someone else who had to go one better than anything achieved before. Bliar has been interviewed by the police twice; Levy has been arrested twice; Mandelson resigned in disgrace twice and is now spinning his webs in the European parliament. But he was central to the creation of New Labour, refining the techniques of media manipulation applied by Margaret Thatcher’s Jewish spin-doctors Charles and Maurice Saatchi.

Thatcher, who represented the Jewish constituency of Finchley, laid the foundations of Blairism there and elsewhere, but she did have a background in industrial chemistry, while her notoriously bigoted husband Denis had fought in the Second World War before working in the oil industry. Bliar’s wife Cherie is yet another lawyer. New Labour epitomize a very dangerous tendency in modern life: our increasing distance from the crude realities by which we are fed, housed and provided with light, warmth and sanitation. The higher Bliar and the gang have climbed, the more insulated they’ve become from reality. And so they’ve become more and more convinced that you can control reality by manipulating words and symbols.

Jewish singer Al Jolson in blackface

Think things have been bad so far?

You can’t: at best, as they are now discovering, you can only hold it at bay for a time. Take the crude biological reality of racial difference. Ideologues like New Labour think you can overturn it simply by saying that everyone’s the same under the skin and by demonizing any opposition as “racist.” They haven’t stopped the time bomb of race war ticking: they’ve merely ensured that more people will be crowded around it when it goes off. But race war may not be the limit of the disaster wrought by the failed word-magic of Bliar and his traitorous counterparts in other white nations. Do you want to bet against the failure of power and water supplies? The collapse of road, rail and air networks? The return of plague and famine? I don’t and if you think Bliar’s Jew Labour and Bush’s judeo-cons have been disastrous so far, let me make a simple prediction: Jew ain’t seen nothin’ yet, goys!


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